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What’s Prana Vayu? Imbalance Signs and Tips on how to Steadiness It


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The phrase “prana” is likely one of the mostly used phrases within the yogic custom. All of your efforts of working towards yoga, pranayama, and meditation are in the direction of growing the circulate of prana power and maintaining it wholesome.

Prana (written as “Praan” in Sanskrit)will be interpreted as “life pressure”, “power” or “very important precept”. It can be damaged down into the basis phrases pra means “forth” and an means “motion” or “to breath”. Thus, prana is the respiration forth of important power. 

You might suppose that prana is just like respiration. It’s partially appropriate, however prana is extra than simply respiration. It’s power or shakti that programs by the assorted power channel or nadis to offer the very important life pressure to the physique.

One of many sources of prana is breath by which the power is transported through our blood. And it’s not solely the breath however meals, water, data, perceptions, speaking, listening, sensations, and so on additionally contribute in the direction of prana power for us to maintain.

Prana has 5 power subtypes – Prana Vayu, Apana Vayu, Samana Vayu, Udana Vayu, and Vyana Vayu. Out of those subtypes, the prana vayu is taken into account an especially important or basic vayu.  

On this sequence of 5 Prana vayus, we are going to clarify what precisely is prana vayu and the way it is crucial for our day-to-day functioning.

What’s Prana Vayu?

Prana Vayu

Prana Vayu is the primary of Prana (grasp Prana which has 5 vayus) and is expounded to forward-moving air. The circulate of it’s represented by the inward and upward motion of air.

This vayu is accountable for the consumption of power by the air we breathe, meals, water sensory perceptions, and experiences. Even the actions of coughing, sighing, and swallowing are additionally ruled by the prana vayu. 

The prana vayu is the breath of vitality that can also be accountable for supporting and feeding the opposite vayus. 

The prana vayu is alleged to be current within the coronary heart chakra or Anahata and the chest. That is additionally the placement the place the lungs reside. By means of the lungs, you absorb air, a vital supply of prana. 

Some sources have an opinion that the third eye chakra or Ajna can also be the placement of the prana vayu. It’s on the third eye that our focus or consideration turns into mounted and the prana power will get deeply linked with the aspect of air at this location.

The wholesome and balanced capabilities of the center, mind, lungs, and blood circulation are all attainable as a result of power from the prana vayu.

Features of Prana Vayu

Some of the vital capabilities of the prana vayu is to manage respiration. Once we breathe, the lungs develop and contract. Respiration additionally not directly impacts the motion of the center. The pumping of the lungs and the center is a results of the area being created by the prana vayu within the chest cavity. 

The graceful motion of the organs assures optimum functioning of the respiratory system and blood circulation.

The prana vayu flows inwards and downwards, therefore one of many primary capabilities of this vayu is the swallowing of meals. The downward circulate of the chewed meals by the meals pipe to the abdomen is managed by the prana vayu. 

The presence of the vayu within the mouth makes positive that when you are chewing the meals, it will get transported instantly. That is unconscious command helps the samana and apana vayu to perform successfully. 

Earlier than you even put the meals within the mouth, the saliva is produced to make the method of tasting, chewing, and breaking down of meals into digestible measurement. The manufacturing is saliva can also be completed by the prana vayu.

Have you ever ever observed that quickly after you’ve gotten completed consuming, you generally are likely to belch? When the abdomen is digesting the meals, a belch, with none unfamiliar and odd style, signifies that the digestive system is working correctly. And irregular belching occurs when there may be undigested meals sitting within the abdomen or the digestion is correct.

Thus, if the entry of the meals, managed by the prana vayu is just not correct, the capabilities of the samana vayu can even be affected. 

The opposite location the place the power of the prana vayu is circulated is the top. The prana vayu helps improve the mind by controlling nerve capabilities. It’s these nerves that assist us sense issues, ship indicators to the mind, produce numerous ideas, and course of the data obtained. 

It could simply be mentioned that the prana vayu controls and instructions all of the thoughts capabilities.

Indicators of Imbalance in Prana Vayu

Trying on the above capabilities, plainly the prana vayu is all-pervading. There’s not a single physique space the place the prana vayu doesn’t play an vital position. The opposite subtypes additionally rely upon the right functioning of the prana vayu.

Therefore it goes with out saying that even the slightest imbalance within the prana vayu can result in disturbances. In case you have the below-mentioned indicators, your prana vayu could also be in a toss.

  • Breathlessness, bronchial asthma, bronchitis, hiccoughs
  • Chilly, congestion, cough
  • Hoarse voice
  • Low immunity and power
  • Poor circulation, 
  • Coronary heart palpitations
  • Sleep apnea
  • Poor posture
  • Extreme anxiousness, fear, worry, anger
  • complications 
  • Lack of focus
  • Emotional blockages on account of imbalances within the coronary heart chakra

Tips on how to steadiness the Prana Vayu

Identical to the opposite vayus, yoga, pranayama, and mudra formation are a number of the finest methods to maintain a test on the circulate of prana vayu. You may as well handle your weight loss program, take a stroll in nature, encompass your self with colours, aromas, and sounds, and on the whole encompass your self with positivity to keep up a wholesome prana vayu.

Yoga asanas which can be dynamic will promote a fluid circulate of the prana vayu. Coronary heart-opening poses, twists, bends, inversions or any pose that focuses on opening the higher physique are some poses that it is best to incorporate in your yoga periods.

Youngster’s Pose, Cat/Cow Pose, Bridge Pose, Bow Pose, Camel Pose, Dancer Pose, Cobra Pose, Chair Pose, Warrior Poses, Downward Canine Pose, and so on can be extraordinarily useful.

Pranayama is likely one of the handiest methods by which you’ll improve, stimulate and steadiness the prana vayu. Since pranayama is the strategy of managed respiration with consciousness, imbibing it into your each day life can be efficient. 

Ujjayi Breath (Victorious Breath), Bhastrika (Bellows Breath) and Nadi Shodhana (Alternate Nostril Respiration) are a number of the pranayamas which you could apply.

Meditation on the whole is an efficient strategy to carry consciousness to the prana vayu. You additionally carry consciousness to the situation of the thoughts, which can also be a necessary a part of the prana vayu. Throughout meditation, you possibly can apply the Prana Mudra. 

By becoming a member of the information of the ring and the little fingers to the thumb, you possibly can energize your self by stimulating the assorted power channels, clearing blockages in chakras, and balancing the weather of earth, water, and hearth. It’s a means by which you’ll encourage the circulate of the prana power all through the physique.

And similar to another hasta mudra, it ought to solely apply for 45 minutes at a stretch or for quarter-hour 3 occasions a day.


The physique’s sustaining system is called prana. Take a minute to discover what your physique requires when you’ve reached a state of understanding of how your breath flows all through your physique. An incredible place to start is to develop into conscious of your prana vayus and their numerous roles.




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