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What to Know Earlier than Adopting a Hedgehog


Hedgehogs are quiet, mild beings and, like all animal, they aren’t the fitting companion for everybody. Earlier than you take into account including a hedgehog to your loved ones, it’s vital to know whether or not you’ll be capable of meet all of his or her distinctive wants.

If you happen to’re interested by adopting a hedgehog, right here are some things to contemplate:

Hedgehogs require cautious dealing with

Dealing with a nervous hedgehog will be very tough and even painful for inexperienced caregivers. A nervous hedgehog will twitch and curl right into a ball, exposing its quills. The extra hedgehogs are dealt with, the extra they are going to loosen up. Hedgehogs which might be hardly ever dealt with can stay curled for lengthy durations of time.

When dealing with your hedgehog, you should be very mild. It’s finest to make use of a towel or a heavy pair of gloves till your new companion is extra comfortable. You will need to be further mild then, because the towel or gloves will forestall you from feeling your pal.

Wash your arms!

Hedgehogs have been identified to harbour salmonella micro organism, which suggests you must wash your arms completely after dealing with your hedgehog, its cage, or its bedding. Watch out to not contact your eyes or round your mouth till after you may have washed your arms. All the time supervise your hedgehog round younger kids and different animals within the residence.

Hedgehogs want train

Hedgehogs like to eat. If hedgehogs are housed in cages more often than not, with little alternative to train, it’s very straightforward for them to develop into obese. Hedgehogs ought to be given time to train exterior of their cages. As well as, their cages ought to be outfitted with a plastic strong wall operating wheel. Wire wheels can injure them.

Hedgehogs hold late-night hours

Hedgehogs are naturally nocturnal, remaining lively at evening. This implies you could hear them operating on their wheel or feeding at evening. If you happen to’re a light-weight sleeper, a hedgehog might not be probably the most acceptable pal for you. A bonus to a hedgehog’s nocturnal schedule is that they have an inclination to sleep through the hours when your loved ones members are at work or faculty.

Discovering veterinary care

Hedgehogs are nonetheless comparatively unusual companion animals, which imply not all veterinarians could also be comfy treating your hedgehog. Earlier than adopting a hedgehog, analysis how far you could have to journey for veterinary care.

Adopting a small animal

Inquisitive about different small animals? Study extra about rabbits, hamsters and guinea pigs.

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