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Vyana and Udana Vayu: Capabilities, Imbalance Indicators and Stability


The final within the subtypes of the Prana is the vyana and the udana vayu. The place the vyana vayu is answerable for the circulation, the udana vayu takes care of free expression and progress, each psychological and bodily. 

Every of those vayus in by some means assist the opposite 3 vayus – prana, samana and apana vayu. Prana vayu is essentially the most elementary of all vayus that’s the important power power, the apana vayu eliminates the toxins in our physique and thoughts and the samana vayu brings the energies of the prana and apana vayu to affix on the navel heart.

Within the sequence of 5 Prana vayus this text, we’ll see how vyana and udana vayu serve an vital objective.

Vyana Vayu

Vyana Vayu

The Sanskrit phrase vyana means “outward transferring”, thus this vayu strikes from the middle of the physique to the opposite elements, together with the mind. It’s linked to the aspect of water and in addition possesses its traits.  

Similar to the fluidity of the water, the vyana vayu doesn’t have a selected location. It’s, in its true sense, all-pervading. It’s the omnipresent air.

The connection to the whole physique is established by means of the varied, particularly 72,000, power channels or Nadis. Thus, the motion of the prana shakti is made potential by means of the vyana vayu. 

Vyana Vayu, as already said above, is answerable for circulation. The time period circulation refers back to the circulation of blood and vitamins completed by the a number of nerves, indicators and impulses completed by the nervous system, and motion of assorted fluids by means of the lymphatic system.

All of this makes it potential for the muscle tissues and joints to maneuver with out hitch and encourages the move of ideas and feelings within the mind.

The chakra related to vyana vayu is the Sacral Chakra or the Svadisthana. It maintains the artistic move of a person, emotional stability, and emotions of need.

Udana Vayu

Udana Vayu

The udana vayu is the “ascending air” or the “air which carries upwards”. The upward motion holds us up, makes us stand straight. It helps the motion of prana from the decrease to the higher chakras. Shifting by means of the chakras, udana additionally helps in awakening the kundalini shakti.

Udana vayu location is claimed to be between the center and the top, thus it additionally signifies the motion from the decrease aircraft to the upper consciousness. 

The throat or the Vishuddha Chakra is the seat of expression for the udana vayu. Therefore it additionally governs the flexibility to freely categorical your feeling, opinions, ideas, and feelings. Moreover, it stimulates the Ajna chakra which makes us decided, assured and improves emotions of enthusiasm and willpower. These traits mixed assist us develop bodily, mentally, and spiritually.

The aspect of house or ether is linked with the udana vayu, which is sensible because the motion of the vayu goes in the direction of the top. The chakras within the head are answerable for calmness, stillness, reference to spirituality and cosmos, and interior peace.

Its bodily reference to the thyroid and parathyroid glands maintains the wholesome metabolic and nervous system functioning.

Capabilities of Vyana Vayu

Circulation is the main perform of the vyana vayu. It helps in circulating the vitamins, water, and blood to the varied elements of the physique. This circulation is supported by the contraction and enlargement of the center.

The pumping of the center can also be ruled by the vyana vayu. The involuntary motions assist cleanse the blood and provide recent blood to the physique. It helps every organ to work at its optimum degree. 

Furthermore, the motion of the joints and muscle tissues can also be one of many key capabilities of the vyana vayu. Together with the prana vayu, the vyana vayu is answerable for strolling, operating, downward and upward motion of limbs, yawning, blinking of eyelids, or any motion on the whole.

The flexion and extension of the backbone additionally come inside the purview of the vyana vayu.

Since metabolism can also be being managed by the vyana vayu, the method of elimination of poisons from the physique turns into one other vital perform. Nonetheless, on this, the samana and apana vayu present their assist. The segregation of digestible and indigestible meals, manufacturing of sweat, and elimination of waste (by means of urine or defecation) is made potential by means of vyana vayu.

Capabilities of Udana Vayu

The udana vayu works in conjunction and coordination with the opposite vayus to carry out the very best your thoughts and physique have to supply.

If we have a look at udana vayu’s perform as stand-alone, it aids in speech, articulation, pronunciation, modulation of voice, and skill to sing. It stimulates the throat and nostril to supply the phrases. With somewhat assist from prana and samana vayu, it creates the power to talk. It additionally stimulates the soul, thoughts, and mind to supply phrases.

The power, energy, endurance to carry out any exercise and immunity are the results of the udana vayu working the prana and the vyana vayu. This power is given by the wholesome functioning of the center, which supplies vitamins and blood, and lungs, which offer oxygen to the blood. 

The udana vayu additionally aligns itself with the kapha and pitta dosha to supply immunity and power.

On the psychological entrance, reminiscence, processing, manufacturing of data, and basic functioning of the thoughts are additionally completed by the udana vayu. It’s the prana vayu that governs many of the thoughts’s actions and functioning, nonetheless, the oxygen and blood provide is fulfilled by the udana vayu.

Indicators of imbalances in Vyana Vayu

As vyana vayu is current all through the physique, any disturbance in any a part of the physique is usually a reason behind a vitiation. One thing so simple as fever can also be one of many signs of an unbalanced vyana vayu.

Beneath are some widespread indicators of a disturbed vyana vayu

  • Poor circulation, disturbed nerve stimulation 
  • Lack of sense of style
  • Pores and skin issues, blocked pores and skin pores
  • Lack of coordination, tremors, lack of mobility
  • Anorexia, coronary heart assault as a result of blocked arteries
  • Malnutrition 
  • Incapability to achieve out to individuals 
  • Erratic and cluttered thoughts
  • Emotions of separation and alienation 
  • Low power, compromised immune system

Indicators of imbalances in Udana Vayu

Most signs will relate to bodily points with the throat and mouth. And since it’s an upward transferring vayu, points associated to psychological well being may even come up. Many such indicators may be seen within the beneath record:

  • Speech difficulties, lack of self-expression 
  • Ailments of the throat, stuttering, voice hoarseness 
  • Shortness of breath, bronchial asthma, emphysema  
  • Uncoordinated motion, lack of stability
  • Despair, adverse mindset
  • Poor reminiscence, incapability to suppose clearly 
  • Lack of creativity, course, targets, willpower, enthusiasm
  • Inefficiency in bodily and psychological work
  • Forgetfulness
  • Lack of vanity

Balancing Vyana and Udana Vayus

Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga poses style
In ashtanga vinyasa fashion, poses are practiced with the move of breath. Picture Supply: Shutterstock

Being conscious of the problems and rapidly figuring out the supply will help in balancing the vayus instantly. The opposite method is to observe a way of life that promotes the wholesome functioning of the vyana and udana vayu. You may be mitigating the chance of contracting illnesses or illnesses sooner or later.

And there’s no higher holistic strategy than practising yoga, pranayama and mudra. These practices not solely give attention to the bodily physique but additionally on all of the nitty-gritty that we is probably not conscious of.

1. Yoga Asanas

Vyana Vayu

Because of the nature of vyana vayu, practising vinyasa similar to Solar Salutation might be extraordinarily helpful. It would promote the circulation of blood and oxygen all through the physique in a balanced method.  

Even standing and balancing poses, which contain the stimulation of the whole physique will carry consciousness to the vyana vayu. All Warrior Collection Poses, Triangle Pose, Eagle Pose, Half-Moon Pose and Chair Pose are a number of the poses which you can apply. 

Udana Vayu

For udana vayu, give attention to training yoga asanas that incorporate the opening of the neck and shoulder and in addition give attention to the position of the top. Shoulder Stand, Head Stand, Plough Pose, Fish Pose, Bridge Pose, Lion Pose, Legs-up-the-wall Pose, and so on may be practiced to advertise and stability the move of udana vayu.

2. Pranayama

Vyana Vayu 

Anulom-Vilom, Nadi Shodhana (Alternate Nostril Respiratory) and Kumbhaka (Breath Retention) are two extraordinarily helpful pranayamas that may assist in balancing the vyana vayu. Because it is not going to solely strengthen the lungs but additionally stimulate mind capabilities.

Udana Vayu

Simhasana (Lions’s Breath), Ujjayi Pranayama (Victorious Breath) and Bhramari Pranayama (Bumblebee Breath) will stimulate the nostril, ears, throat, and mouth. In these pranayamas, you make a definite sound which is able to stimulate the bodily throat. On the energetic aircraft, it would activate the third eye and the throat chakra as nicely.

3. Mudra

The mudra for every of those vayus needs to be practiced for quarter-hour 3 instances a day or for 45 minutes at a stretch. As quickly because the indicators of imbalance are alleviated, it’s best to cease training the mudra as it might result in an hostile impact in any of the 5 parts.

Vyana Vayu

Imbalance signs may also happen as a result of stagnation or an overactive vyana vayu. To stability it, you possibly can apply the Vyana Mudra whereas performing meditation. To apply this mudra, carry the ideas of the index and center finger to the touch the tip of the thumb as in the event you had been pinching one thing.

This mudra helps in blood circulation, will increase enthusiasm, reduces fatigue, and improves coronary heart well being. It additionally establishes a reference to the sacral chakra. 

Udana Vayu

For the udana vayu, training Udana Mudra will show to be efficient. This hast mudra is practiced by becoming a member of the ideas of the index, center and ring finger with the tip of the thumb. Common apply of the mudra will increase the move within the chest cavity, throat and mind, enhance vocal cords, improve reminiscence, creativity, and alleviate respiratory issues.

Whereas meditating, you possibly can have interaction the Jalandhara Bandha or the throat lock. And chanting a mantra, similar to bija mantra of throat chakra HAM or OM, will improve the ability of the mudra and stimulate the third eye and the throat chakra.


By bringing consciousness to the vayus, you’re reflecting on the wants of the thoughts and physique on a deeper degree. When you acquire an understanding of the working nuances of every of the vayus, you’ll discover all of the solutions to your issues inside you. 

When you construct a reference to every of the vayus, with the assistance of yoga, pranayama, and meditation, will probably be simpler to manage your thoughts and physique.




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