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Truckload Of Entrails Overturns In ‘Meat Spill’ In Australia


Image for article titled Truckload Of Entrails And Meat Scraps Overturns In Gross 'Meat Spill' In Australia

Screenshot: Twitter

Who’s hungry? Received a yearning for sun-ripened animal offal and entrails, however don’t have the form of money wanted to actually indulge your cravings? Are you in Australia? For those who’re answering a vigorous, breathless “sure” to those questions, then boy are you in luck, as a result of a large truck filled with animal guts barfed out its contents onto a Melbourne-area freeway’s exit ramp. And, keep in mind, it’s summer season down there, so all the pieces’s getting good and toasty. Ewww.

Simply to make all the pieces much more disturbing, that is how a spokesperson for the Victorian Division of Transportation described what occurred to the contents of the truck. In accordance with the spokesperson, all that offal:

“go[ed] over the cabin in a meaty wave.”

A meaty wave.

The images of the meatsplosion are as grotesque as you’re doubtless and unwillingly imagining:

Victorian Site visitors’s twitter feed recommended the cleanup would “take a while.”

Authorities are cleansing up the spill with skid-steer loader gear, in what could be very doubtless a particularly disagreeable job for the poor bastards driving that.

If you’re an Australian vulture or different scavenger studying this, my recommendation is to not miss out on this thrilling windfall, and get your disgusting asses over to the eastbound M80 and go to city earlier than all of it will get scraped up.




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