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The Origins of the Phrase “Gaslighting”: Scenes from the 1944 Movie


You’re not going out of your thoughts. You’re slowly and systematically being pushed out of your thoughts. — Joseph Cotton to Ingrid Bergman within the 1944 movie Gaslight.

Bear in mind when the phrase “gaslighting” elicited figuring out nods from black and white movie buffs… and clean stares from just about everybody else?

Then alongside got here 2016, and gaslighting entered the lexicon in a giant manner.

Merriam-Webster defines it because the “psychological manipulation of an individual often over an prolonged time period that causes the sufferer to query the validity of their very own ideas, notion of actuality, or recollections and sometimes results in confusion, lack of confidence and shallowness, uncertainty of 1’s emotional or psychological stability, and a dependency on the perpetrator.”

In fact, you knew that already!

“Gaslighting” is unavoidable nowadays, 5 years after it was named 2016’s “most helpful” and “more likely to succeed” phrase by the American Dialect Society.

(“Normalize” was a runner up.)

So long as we’re taking part in phrase video games, are you conversant in “denominalization”?

Also called “verbing” or “verbification,” it’s the method whereby a noun is retooled as a verb.

Each determine prominently in Gaslight.

Have you ever seen the movie?

Ingrid Bergman, taking part in reverse Charles Boyer, received an Academy award for her efficiency. A teenaged Angela Lansbury made her massive display screen debut.

In his evaluateThe New York Occasions’ movie critic Bosley Crowther steered away from spoilers, whereas musing that the majority of the theater-going public was most likely already hip to the central conceit, following the profitable Broadway run of Angel Avenue, the Patrick Hamilton thriller on which the movie was primarily based:

We are able to not less than slip the knowledge that the examine is wholly involved with the apparent endeavors of a husband to drive his spouse slowly mad. And with Mr. Boyer doing the driving in his finest dead-pan hypnotic type, whereas the flames flicker surprisingly within the gas-jets and the temper music bongs with heavy threats, it’s no marvel that Miss Bergman goes to items in essentially the most distressing manner.

In the identical evaluate, Crowther sniped that Gaslight was “a no extra illuminating title” than Angel Avenue.

Possibly that was true in 1944. Not anymore!

(Crafty linguists that we’re, had the movie retained the play’s title, 2022 might nicely have discovered us complaining that some villain tried to Angel Avenue us…)

In a column on manufacturing design for The Movie Expertise, critic Daniel Walber factors out how Boyer destabilizes Bergman by fooling with their gas-powered lamps, and in addition how the movie’s Academy Award-winning design group used the “constricting temporality” of a Victorian London lit by fuel to set a foreboding temper:

Between the streetlights exterior and the fixtures inside, the temper is perpetually dimmed. The heaviness of the ambiance brings us even nearer to Paula’s psychological state, trapping us along with her. The element is so exact, so dedicated that each flicker crawls below the pores and skin, projecting horrible uncertainty and worry to the viewers.

Readers who’ve but to see the movie might need to skip the under clip, because it does comprise one thing near a spoiler.

Those that’ve been on the receiving finish of a vigorous gaslighting marketing campaign?

Go the popcorn.

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