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Shirodhara: Potential Advantages, Process, Aspect Results and Extra


Ayurveda, which can be known as the sister science of yoga, is just not solely about consuming the wholesome and proper meals to pacify your doshas. The Ayurveda is a dictionary of assorted herbs and crops that may treatment nearly all potential ailments with a holistic method.

One such ayurvedic therapy is the Panchakarma, a remedy that consists of 5 procedures. 

Panchakarma remedy aids in eradicating toxins from the physique and establishing a stability in doshas thus strengthening the immune system. It’s achieved in three levels.

  • Purvakarma – Motion taken forward of major remedy
  • Pradhanakarma – Precise therapy
  • Paschatkarma – Motion taken after major therapy

Purvakarma consists of various ayurvedic therapeutic massage therapies specializing in the particular illness or components of the physique. Every of those massages comes with a spread of bodily and psychological advantages. They’re principally achieved to stimulate and loosen up the muscle tissues and joints within the physique in order that the herbs and oils can work deeply to eradicate the illness.

Amongst these massages, Shirodhara is without doubt one of the most wanted and generally most well-liked remedy. It’s essential to have seen in lots of Ayurveda therapy movies of individuals mendacity on a wood desk and a stream of oil falling on their brow from a steel or an earthen vessel. That is basically what Shirodhara is. 

What’s Shirodhara?

The phrase Shirodhara is made up of two Sanskrit phrases – shiro which means head and dhara which means movement.

Shirodhara is an Ayurvedic remedy by which medicinal liquid – reminiscent of oils, milk, ghee, buttermilk – is slowly poured in a stream on the brow of the individual mendacity over a desk.

It is a headtherapeutic massage achieved earlier than precise ayurvedic therapy begins. It comes within the class of Bahya Snehana (exterior oiling on the physique) in Panchakarma remedy. After the process is full, it’s normally adopted by a head, face, or complete physique therapeutic massage often called Abhyanga.

Shirodhara therapeutic massage targets the brow and sense organs, the world the place nerves are extremely concentrated. It helps deal with psychosomatic ailments like stress, melancholy and psychological fatigue.

The stress of pouring liquid onto the brow creates a vibration that reprogrammes mind waves. Nevertheless, it’s the medicinal high quality of the liquid that permit it saturate the brow and scalp and penetrates into the nervous system.

Historic ayurvedic textual content Ashtanga Hridaya mentions shirodhara may be very helpful in complications and different head-related ailments. In lots of Vata associated issues the place sense organs are disturbed Shirodhara therapy is really helpful. This therapy induces a relaxed mind-set thus regulating the circulation of prana power.

For the reason that head is appearing because the management level of most bodily actions, sense organs, and techniques, it’s important to maintain it at its high type. And shirodhara immediately works on the varied ranges of psychological well being reminiscent of releasing detrimental power, stress, anxiousness, worry, and stimulating the nervous system.

Issues to know earlier than going for Shirodhara Therapy

Whereas the shirodhara therapy might look and sound too straightforward, there are a variety of facets it’s worthwhile to look into earlier than you determine to take this ayurvedic therapy. 

Ayurveda is systematic science that doesn’t encourage you to randomly begin following a follow. Similar to medical science, it has some guidelines and procedures that must be adopted by skilled and authorized ayurvedic practitioners.

Earlier than Shirodhara remedy begins, affected person illness and physique kind might be identified. The ayurvedic practitioners will carry out a plethora of checks and examinations, in accordance with ayurvedic parameters and fashionable investigative strategies. The affected person’s prakriti (fundamental structure that contains the three doshas) and vikriti (the impact of exterior setting on the three doshas) might be decided and documented intimately.

Based mostly on these examinations, will probably be decided whether or not the illness is treatable by way of Shirodhara. If the therapy might be carried out, a whole record of medicines, supplies for use, and therapy line-up might be defined to the affected person.

In sure situations, the affected person could also be requested to shave the pinnacle. Shirodhara yields higher outcomes after hair elimination as a bald head will higher take up pouring liquid vibration.

Right here additionally comes the half the place the kind of remedies can be determined.

Forms of Shirodhara Remedy

The kinds are principally selected the liquid that might be used through the therapy. There are sometimes three to 4 sorts of Shirodhara:

1. Taila ShirodharaTaila means oil. On this, the practitioner will put together a medicated oil utilizing herbs for therapy. The elements are determined based mostly on the prakriti and vikriti of the affected person. Sesame oil, coconut oil, or any natural oils are typically used right here.

2. Ksheera ShirodharaKsheera means milk and because the identify suggests, milk blended with herbs is used as a way of medicinal liquid. The practitioner will boil 3 liters of milk, 6 liters of water, and approx. 750gm of medicinal herbs until your complete concoction comes down to three liters. It’s then strained, cooled down, and, earlier than utilizing, is warmed once more.

3. Takra ShirodharaTakra is buttermilk that’s used with Amalaki (a bitter fruit).

4. Ghrita ShirodharaGhrita is ghee, which can be used with medicinal herbs or as it’s. This kind is usually most well-liked within the case of ailments attributable to pitta or blood vitiation.

Different liquids which are additionally used for Shirodhara remedy are – sugarcane juice, honey, sugar water or sugar syrup, fermented natural liquid, coconut water, or plain water.

Sometimes, all liquids are barely warmed up earlier than utilizing nonetheless it’ll even be depending on the dosha vitiation you may have.

If in case you have a Vata dysfunction or predominance then the liquid might be heat and sesame oil might be used.

If in case you have pitta dysfunction then the liquid might be chilly and sometimes ghee is used.

Who can not take shirodhara?

Though Shirodhara is an especially secure and hygienic follow, there are particular situations when it must be averted. 

  • Pregnant girls of their third trimester.
  • If in case you have nausea, vomiting, fever, fatigue, or extreme sweating.
  • Within the case of any cuts or wounds in head.
  • If in case you have a neck damage or another head-related medical subject.

Such individuals shouldn’t take the Shirodhara therapy until the ayurvedic and medical practitioner offers a inexperienced gentle.

Shirodhara process

In shirodhara remedy, you lay down on the wood desk after which the ayurvedic practitioner follows a set process.

They might ask you to shave your head in order that it’s straightforward to therapeutic massage and pour oil.

Your BP, pulse, temperature, and different fundamentals may also be checked. In case it’s detected that you’re experiencing chilly, fever, congestion, menstruation, or another kind of ailment, the therapy could also be postponed until you get better. That is achieved in order that the therapy doesn’t irritate the issues.

Earlier than coming into the room, you’ll recite some hymns and prayers and carry out different holistic rituals for the success of the therapy.

Let’s see the process of Shirodhara therapy.

  • You’ll lie down on a wood desk, additionally known as the dhara desk. The desk usually has an elevated portion to the remaining the pinnacle or a folded towel or pillow may additionally be used.
  • Abhyangam or full-body therapeutic massage with heat natural oils is given to loosen up the physique and thoughts and improve circulation. Particular consideration is given to the face, head, and neck.
  • A cotton pad is positioned on the eyes as a precautionary measure to keep away from the movement of oils into the eyes.
  • The stand, by which the dhara pot is hung, is positioned close to the pinnacle in a method that the gap between the nozzle or the wick within the vessel and the brow is no less than 4-6 inches. 
  • The pot is stuffed with heat oil or liquid with the stream beginning to fall from the wick or nozzle. An attendant may additionally therapeutic massage your head for enhanced impact. 
  • Right here the position of the attendant is extraordinarily vital as they’ve to maneuver the vessel slowly in order that the draining liquid covers your complete head. 
  • There might be two attendants within the room, one who manages the motion of the pot. One other attendant is answerable for amassing the falling liquid into a distinct vessel, which is on the backside of the desk and refilling the dhara pot with it.
  • After the process is completed and your complete liquid has gone by way of one spherical of recycling, your scalp and brow might be wiped off with a sterile fabric. 
  • You might also be requested to loosen up for an hour if there are not any additional remedies deliberate.

Key factors to recollect

Shirodhara therapy largely relies on the ayurvedic practitioner and attendant, nonetheless, you must also concentrate on sure factors to get probably the most from the therapy.

Don’t carry your telephone contained in the therapy room. Silence is essential and you have to be concentrating on the feeling of the stream falling in your brow. Dialog with the attendants must also be averted. 

If you happen to really feel uncomfortable with the room temperature, you need to inform the attendant. It must be heat to maintain the physique temperature in stability. 

Shirodhara is principally helpful within the therapy of Vata issues. In case you are a Vata individual, be sure you ask for an additional blanket as vata individuals are likely to get chilly simply.

The temperature of the liquid must be heat, which must be ensured by the attendants within the room. Earlier than re-filling the dhara pot with the surplus liquid that’s collected in a separate vessel, it’s warmed once more. Thus the temperature is maintained all through the length of the process.

For vata individuals, sesame oil is usually used as it’ll generate warmth. For pitta individuals, cooling oils reminiscent of sunflower oil or coconut oil, underneath strict tips, are utilized. The kind of oil used is of utmost significance as it could significantly have an effect on the stability of your doshas.

The peak of the dhara pot will have an effect on the thickness of the stream. The stream shouldn’t be too skinny (the pot is simply too far) in order that you don’t really feel the feeling. It must also not be too thick (the pot is simply too shut) that the liquid is falling everywhere.

How does shirodhara works?

The Shirodhara therapy is really helpful to alleviate stress, anxiousness, fatigue, migraine, melancholy, and enhance imaginative and prescient. The widespread think about all these situations is the mind. Shirodhara works immediately on the varied nerves within the head that stimulates the areas of the mind.

The nice and cozy liquid, when poured on the brow, massages the muscle tissues. The sensations are caught by the nerves underlying the muscle tissues that activate the hypothalamus. It is a small space current within the heart of the mind that’s answerable for producing hormones and regulating physique temperature in addition to the pituitary gland. 

The nice and cozy temperature of the oils helps in rising blood circulation and prompts vital factors across the head. 

The mixed impact of them might be seen within the discount of serotonin ranges, which regulate our moods. It additionally reduces stress hormones, aiding within the leisure of the thoughts. 

Thus when your complete nervous system is relaxed, all of the organs perform correctly, metabolism is improved and the movement of prana inside the power channels can be enhanced.

Advantages of Shirodhara

There isn’t any doubt that massaging the pinnacle with natural oils is confirmed to be extraordinarily efficient. In lots of Indian households, when somebody complains of stress or a headache, they’re usually instructed to therapeutic massage their head with soothing oil.

Shirodhara works on the identical idea of calming the thoughts. It prompts the nadis and chakras centres linked to the mind. These power channels assist enhance psychological well being in a extra profound method.

The advantages of taking shirodhara are as follows:

  • Shirodhara therapeutic massage reduces stress and anxiousness by activation of the parasympathetic nervous system (relaxation and digest) . The pouring liquid vibration convert the beta mind waves (hyper-alert mind waves) into alpha waves (relaxed alert waves) to consequence a relaxed mind-set.
  • Shirodhara therapy enhances the functioning of the central nervous system. It additionally regulates the manufacturing of serotonin – the happiness hormone.
  • It improves high quality of sleep because of the transitioning of beta waves to the alpha waves.
  • Folks affected by hair loss, scalp-related points, or untimely rising of hair can even profit from it because of the stimulation of hair follicles .
  • Vata physique varieties can immensely profit from shirodhara as it’s recognized to stability the stressed and fluctuating traits of this dosha.
  • It additionally promotes blood circulation in direction of the mind because of the therapeutic massage given earlier than throughout and after the therapy is full. 
  • The improved blood circulation additionally improves pores and skin and delays the growing older course of.
  • Because the liquid is poured immediately on the pinnacle, the medicinal qualities of the herbs work in direction of enhancing reminiscence, focus, and focus. 
  • Points reminiscent of complications , migraines, hypertension, ADHD will also be curbed with shirodhara therapy.
  • The pituitary gland, which is answerable for the manufacturing of hormones, additionally will get stimulated because of the therapeutic massage and heat oils.
  • The direct pouring of heat oils on the eyebrow heart stimulates the Ajna or the third eye chakra. This improves the sense of instinct and consciousness, enhances psychological readability, and promotes tranquility, peace, calmness.

After shirodhara therapy

After the therapy has completed, have in mind the next factors to ensure that it to achieve success and have the utmost affect:

  • Wash your hair with an ayurvedic shampoo to do away with the oil.
  • Take a heat tub after the comfort time. You possibly can put medicated herbs or important oils within the water for enhanced leisure.
  • Quickly after the tub, heat natural teas or natural water must be consumed to stability the metabolism.
  • On the day of the therapy, it’s worthwhile to take gentle, freshly cooked, heat meals. Keep away from consuming oily, spicy, chilly and junk meals as it could hamper the therapy.
  • Use of ginger, cumin, pepper, coriander, and so forth must be enhanced in your meals and water. 
  • Caffeine must also be averted through the therapy course of.


The natural oils used on this therapy not solely calm, nourish, and pacify the doshas, however are additionally extensively utilized to treatment a wide range of well being points. Shirodhara is a terrific, low-risk choice to pursue for those who’re searching for a way to loosen up or need to attempt Ayurvedic therapy.

Ceaselessly Requested Questions

Q1. Are there any negative effects to shirodhara?

The scientific research which were performed up to now haven’t introduced out any documented negative effects. Nevertheless, chances are you’ll expertise slight dizziness or heaviness within the head. It is very important do thorough analysis on the credentials of the ayurvedic practitioner earlier than you make an appointment.

Q2. How lengthy does the process of the therapy final?

A typical Shirodhara therapy can final wherever between 30-60 minutes, relying on the severity of the illness being handled. You’ll usually be prescribed extra follow-up remedies which might final for at least 7 and a most of 28 days, with brief gaps in between the times.

Q3. What’s the finest time to obtain the shirodhara therapy?

Ideally, mornings are the very best time to endure the therapy. If in case you have a pitta physique kind, you may take the remedies within the afternoon.

This fall. How a lot oil is utilized in a therapy?

Wanting on the length of the therapy and contemplating the continual movement of the stream, roughly 2-3 liters can be utilized in a single sitting.

Q5. How can I carry out shirodhara at house?

Similar to how ayurvedic centres use attendants, you may take the assistance of your siblings or members of the family to pour the medicinal oils on the brow. Alternatively, you should use a tender fabric, dipped within the heat natural oil, and place it in your brow for quarter-hour.
You possibly can alter the time spent for the house therapy based mostly in your each day schedule. Additionally, the natural oil combine must be made after detailed session with an ayurvedic skilled.




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