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Samana Vayu: Imbalance Signs and The right way to Steadiness It


Samana Vayu

The Samana Vayu is one other essential vayu that performs an essential position in establishing a wholesome physique and thoughts. And the connection of this vayu with the fireplace aspect makes it a vital part in churning and absorbing meals, ideas, and even breaths.

The transformative energy of the Samana Vayu helps in sustaining bodily and psychological power by offering power by the distribution of vitamins all through the physique.

On this collection of 5 Prana vayus, allow us to see how Samana Vayu capabilities, what occurs whether it is imbalanced and the way we will hold it in steadiness.

What’s Samana Vayu?

Samana is a Sanskrit time period which means ‘Equal’ or ‘balancing’.

Samana vayu is called balancing air in yoga. The aim of this Vayu is to look over on the digestion of the meals and data. Digestion occurs in any respect ranges in our physique, be it the meals we eat, the knowledge we get all through the day, and the ideas and feelings we undergo at each second.

By giving power to the digestive hearth, it helps in creating energy within the core. 

The samana vayu is current within the stomach area, majorly within the abdomen and gut whereas the power spirals within the navel. It’s the place the place nadis in our physique originates. The spiral movement of the vayu signifies the churning/digestion, absorption, and assimilation of meals, feelings, experiences, ideas, emotions, and breath.

The navel middle can be the place the prana and apana vayu meet. So it may be stated, Samana vayu regulates each prana and apana vayu. The assembly of vayus helps within the burning of the Agni or hearth on this area. It’s, subsequently, Agnyashaya (organ in comparison with Pancreas) is taken into account the place of samana vayu within the physique.

Owing to its location, samana vayu can be linked to the Manipura or the Photo voltaic Plexus chakra.

Features of Samana Vayu

The principle perform of the samana vayu is the digestion of meals. It retains the digestive hearth alight and helps within the correct functioning of all of the organs which can be accountable for extracting vitamins from the meals and filtering the waste for elimination.

Samana vayu is behind that power which helps in retaining the meals within the abdomen for the entire breakdown of meals. With out this, the meals is not going to be correctly handed by the intestines and it’ll result in sluggish digestion.

One other essential perform of the Samana vayu is to segregate the meals into digestible and indigestible. The vitamins which can be absorbed and additional handed on to the physique are taken from digestible meals. Whereas, the discarded portion is the indigestible meals that will probably be eradicated by sweat, urine, or feces. 

Segregation is a vital perform of the vayu as, with out this, all of the meals you eat would have been eradicated from the physique, with out you receiving any advantages of the vitamins.

The samana vayu additionally helps the apana vayu by catapulting the downward circulate of the indigestible meals. The balanced perform of apana vayu is made doable by the samana vayu because it holds the sweat, menstrual blood, urine, and feces till the time of expelling them. 

Lastly, the digestive hearth stays sturdy because of the presence of samana vayu. If the samana vayu is weak, the digestive hearth additionally turns into weak and the physique suffers a lack of immunity, endurance, power, and power.

Indicators of Imbalanced Samana Vayu

Because the samana vayu is generally associated to the digestive system and is current within the stomach area, it comes as no shock that almost all imbalance indicators will replicate an imbalance within the digestive system.

In our day by day lives, if we’re feeling out of steadiness, samana is more likely to be affected.

An imbalance in samana vayu also can result in an absence of enthusiasm and power. Beneath are some further signs that you could be observe:

  • Low metabolism
  • Lack of urge for food
  • Bloating, indigestion
  • Diarrhea 
  • Extreme sweating and thirst
  • Weight problems, malnourishment
  • Irregular mentruation
  • Infetility, Low libido
  • Low motivation and confidence
  • Poor judgement
  • Failure to course of emtions and ideas
  • Lack of information
  • Emotions of ungroundedness

The right way to steadiness the Samana Vayu

sama vritti pranayama cycle
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Probably the greatest methods to steadiness the samana vayu is regulating inhalation and exhalation. For this, practise field respiration (aka Sama Vritti Pranayama). It emphasizes practising an equal size of inhaling, breath-hold and exhalation.

By matching the equal size of inhalation and exhalation, we are literally assembly up prana vayu to the apana vayu. When this occurs, samana vayu involves its balanced state.

Furthermore, yoga asanas that contain twists, bends, and forwards folds will probably be extraordinarily useful for conserving the samana vayu wholesome. Asanas that contain the stomach or core power will enhance the agni or hearth. It is going to activate and energize the whole physique. You’ll be able to follow poses such because the Chair pose, Boat pose, Revolved Aspect Angle pose, Reclining Stomach Twist, Seated Ahead Fold, and so forth.

Working towards Kapalbhai (cranium shining breath), Bhastrika (bellows breath), and Samavritti (equalizing breath), which generate inside warmth, will hold the samana vayu balanced. These pranayama methods may even assist create an equilibrium on the psychological stage as nicely.

You may as well follow Uddiyana Bandha or the stomach lock to stimulate samana vayu. For this, whereas practising yoga asanas pull your navel again and up. Then nauli and agnisar kriya may be performed. This can assist in cleaning, massaging, and firming the stomach muscle mass and the power channels within the physique. 

Along with the above cures, you may as well follow the Samana Mudra to steadiness samana vayu. That is performed by becoming a member of the ideas of all of the fingers, which signifies the approaching collectively of all the weather to create steadiness and concord within the physique.


Digestion shouldn’t be solely performed in a bodily method, you additionally consumption a ton of data, perceptions, and experiences each day. The processing of all that’s important to make our character as nicely. Thus, the Samana Vayu performs a vital position in conserving one of the best and discarding the remainder. It helps in conserving the fireplace burning and retains us bodily, mentally, and spiritually lively.




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