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Pomeranian: Breed Info and Care Information | All Issues Canines



The Pomeranian is an affectionate and playful toy breed that belongs to the Spitz household. Pomeranians are famend for his or her daring nature, and have a mean lifespan of 12 to 16 years.

Pomeranians weigh as much as 7 kilos. These canines have thick double coats, and a Pomeranian’s fur is available in a number of colours, together with sable, crimson, white, and black. Pomeranians make ideally suited household pets, however their impartial streak could make these canines troublesome to coach. Pomeranians want an skilled, agency proprietor.

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Pomeranian Fast Abstract

Breed Sort:Toy group, Spitz household
Appropriate For:Skilled canine house owners
Measurement:7 to 12 inches tall
Weight:3 to 7 kilos
Lifespan:12 to 16 years
Colour Variations:Over a dozen variations, together with crimson, white, black, and sable
Temperament:Affectionate, daring, and playful
Day by day Train:half-hour per day
Day by day Meals Consumption:¼ to 1 cup of dry meals per day
Identified Well being Points:Patellar luxation, tracheal collapse, hypothyroidism, eye situations

Pomeranian Look

Pomeranian sitting on grass

Pomeranians have thick double coats, a fox-like face form, and erect ears. The Pomeranian’s most distinct characteristic is its plumed tail, which curls over its again. The tail develops because the canine ages. The Pomeranian’s eyes are almond-shaped and brown.

Peak and Weight

Pomeranians develop as much as 12 inches tall and weigh between 3 and seven kilos. The canine’s top and weight can differ relying on environmental and genetic components. Sudden weight reduction or weight achieve is usually a signal of sickness.


Pomeranians have thick double coats that defend the canines from harsh climate situations. The undercoat is brief, dense, and smooth, whereas the outer coat consists of lengthy, coarse hairs. A Pomeranian’s coat is available in many colours, with various patterns and markings. Frequent colour variations embody sable, black, white, and merle.

A Pomeranian’s double coat is tough to keep up. The coat requires frequent brushing {and professional} grooming to maintain it free from useless hair, particles, and matting.

Facial Options

Pomeranians have a wedge-shaped head and pointed muzzle, which give the canines a fox-like look. These canines carry their heads excessive and have a ruff of fur round their necks. Most Pomeranians have an alert expression and darkish noses.

Pomeranian Origins

The Pomeranian, often known as the “Pom,” belongs to the Spitz household. Different breeds on this group embody the Samoyed, Alaskan Malamute, and Siberian husky. Pomeranians are the smallest spitz canine breed.

Pomeranians are named after Pomerania, a historic area the place the canines originated. Pomeranians have been initially greater in measurement, and descended from massive Arctic sled canines. Pomeranians have been ultimately bred all the way down to change into the small companion canines the world is aware of and loves at the moment. Pomeranians have been formally acknowledged as a breed by the American Kennel Membership (AKC) in 1888. These canines are at the moment one of many hottest toy breeds in america.

Pomeranian Character and Temperament

Pomeranians are outgoing and affectionate canines that make ideally suited companions. These canines are adaptable and may stay fortunately in an residence so long as their wants are met. Pomeranians have a low prey drive and are hardly ever mouthy. Nonetheless, poms do are likely to bark and howl, particularly at strangers. This high quality mixed with the canine’s alertness makes the Pomeranian an appropriate watchdog breed.

Though clever, Pomeranians aren’t the simplest breed to coach. The canines have an impartial streak and love to do issues at their very own tempo. Poms require an skilled proprietor who might be agency, constant, and affected person with them.

Pomeranians typically endure from separation nervousness. If left alone for lengthy durations, the canines can change into pressured and exhibit harmful habits, reminiscent of chewing, scratching, and barking.

As inquisitive canines, Pomeranians aren’t afraid to face a lot bigger canines than themselves. All the time supervise Pomeranians round bigger canines.

Taking Care of a Pomeranian Canine

three cute pomeranians sitting on grass

Pomeranians are simple to take care of so long as the canines obtain the suitable care, consideration, and love. These canines are adaptable to most environments and benefit from the firm of their household. Pomeranians are simply trainable with the appropriate method and mindset.

Attributable to their thick, double coat, Pomeranians have high-maintenance grooming wants. The canines want loads of train and psychological stimulation all through the day.

Meals Wants

Pomeranians require ¼ to 1 cup of dry meals per day, break up into 2 to three completely different meals. Day by day meals consumption varies relying on the canine’s age, weight, metabolism, and vitality stage. Bigger, extra energetic Pomeranians want extra meals.

Pomeranian puppies should be fed 1¼ to 2 cups of meals per day, break up into 3 to 4 completely different meals. Feed puppies nutrient-rich kibble that’s excessive in protein and fatty acids. 

Grooming Wants

Pomeranians require every day brushing to keep up a wholesome and tangle-free coat. These canines shed so much, and want skilled grooming each 4 to 6 weeks. A groomer will bathe your canine, clear the canine’s ears, lower its hair, and trim its nails. Failing to groom a Pomeranian can result in poor coat well being, pores and skin points, and unhealthy odor.

Lifeless hairs typically get trapped within the Pomeranian’s undercoat. A slicker brush will take away trapped or matted hairs. Keep away from shaving the double coat. Shaving can completely injury the hair and hinder the Pomeranian’s means to control its physique temperature.

Test for ticks, rashes, soreness, or odor when grooming. Pomeranians must be washed each few weeks, or extra frequently if the fur will get soiled. Wipe below the canine’s eyes to stop tear stains.

Brush Pomeranians’ tooth every day to keep up dental hygiene. All the time use a dog-friendly toothbrush and toothpaste. Human toothpaste accommodates elements which are poisonous to canines.

Pomeranians expertise extreme shedding in spring and fall and require extra grooming throughout these occasions of the 12 months.

Train Wants

Pomeranians want half-hour of train per day, ideally break up into 2 walks.  Pomeranians have small legs and wrestle to maintain up with fast-paced walkers. Match your tempo along with your canine to stop your pet from overexerting itself.

Pomeranians have fragile necks. All the time use a harness when strolling a Pomeranian to keep away from placing strain on the canine’s neck.

Pomeranians are susceptible to overheating. Stroll Pomeranians through the coolest occasions of the day in hotter climate, and preserve to shaded areas. Be sure that to convey water for the canine to drink through the stroll.

By no means go away a Pomeranian unattended in a yard. The Pomeranian’s small measurement makes the breed susceptible to predatory birds, and these canines are famend escape artists.

Psychological Wants

Pomeranians are clever and playful canines that require a lot of psychological stimulation. Toys, puzzle video games, and coaching can preserve a Pomeranian entertained. All the time supervise Pomeranians throughout playtime. The canine’s sharp tooth can simply tear by way of materials or choose aside stitches. Sturdy, chew-proof toys are ideally suited. Toys with completely different textures, shapes, and sound results preserve Pomeranians engaged.

These canines want loads of love and social interplay all through the day. Pomeranians change into anxious if left alone for prolonged durations. Present the canine with a blanket coated in your scent to alleviate its nervousness.

Frequent Well being Considerations

Pomeranians are susceptible to a number of well being situations, together with patellar luxation, tracheal collapse, and hypothyroidism.

Patellar Luxation: This well being challenge is frequent in small canines. Patellar luxation causes an irregular gait and lameness and will increase the canine’s threat of knee accidents. The situation may also result in arthritis. Luxating patella might be handled with surgical procedure.

Tracheal Collapse: This power illness impacts the windpipe and obstructs the canine’s airway. Tracheal collapse is normally progressive and causes respiratory difficulties. The telltale symptom is a harsh cough, which is usually described as sounding like a “goose honk.” The situation might be handled with remedy and surgical procedure.

Hypothyroidism: This underactive thyroid situation causes the canine’s metabolism to decelerate. The frequent signs of hypothyroidism are weight achieve, lethargy, and a uninteresting coat. Hypothyroidism can simply be handled with oral alternative hormone remedy.

Eye Circumstances: Pomeranians are susceptible to cataracts and distichiasis. These situations can each trigger imaginative and prescient impairment, and are treatable with surgical procedure.

Purchase a Pomeranian from a good breeder that may present well being clearances. Feeding the canine a wholesome and nutritious food regimen, and making certain your pet’s different wants are met, will cut back the chance of sure diseases.

All the time cease Pomeranians from leaping off the furnishings as a result of the canines threat injuring their fragile bones and joints.

How one can Practice a Pomeranian


Pomeranians are clever canines that may choose up tips rapidly. Nonetheless, these canines might be troublesome to coach resulting from their impartial nature. Moreover, Pomeranians aren’t the simplest breed to housebreak. A affected person, agency, and constant method will permit your canine to succeed.

Like all canines, Pomeranians reply effectively to constructive reinforcement (reward-based coaching), so keep away from punishment-based strategies. Research have proven that punishment-based coaching could cause behavioral points and doesn’t present dependable, long-term outcomes.

Pomeranian puppies ought to be socialized and educated as quickly as potential. The primary 16 weeks of a pet’s life is its important socialization interval, the place the pet is extra open to new issues and experiences. Failing to socialize and prepare a pup early can result in behavioral points later down the road. Older Pomeranians are extra cussed.

Pomeranians are sometimes cautious round strangers. Exposing your canine to completely different sorts of individuals in a managed setting can stop wariness.

Pomeranians get bored simply, so preserve coaching classes brief and snappy, in any other case, your pom’s consideration will wander.

Pomeranian Worth

Pomeranians are an costly breed. The canine’s preliminary value is costly resulting from excessive demand, and month-to-month care is equally pricey.

How A lot is a Pomeranian?

A pomeranian prices between $600 and $5,000, relying on the breeder, and the canine’s bloodline, age, look, and well being background. A Pomeranian pet sells for $1,200 on common. Puppies are dearer than grownup canines, and pedigree Pomeranians value over $1,000.

A less expensive different is to undertake a Pomeranian. Nonetheless, it’s troublesome to seek out these canines in shelters as a result of Pomeranian’s reputation.

How A lot Does it Value to Increase a Pomeranian?

Pomeranians value between $1,000 and $1,200 per 12 months on common or $100 monthly. This quantity takes into consideration meals, grooming, and healthcare wants. A Pomeranian pet’s first-year bills are round $3,000.

Ought to You Get a Pomeranian?

Pomeranians are affectionate, loyal, and playful companions. These canines type robust bonds with their house owners. Nonetheless, Pomeranians aren’t appropriate for each house and way of life.

Pomeranians are Appropriate for:

Pomeranians are adaptable canines. They’re well-suited to residence dwelling, so long as the canines get ample train and psychological stimulation. These canines are affectionate and supply their house owners consolation and emotional help. Pomeranians get alongside effectively with similar-sized animals and older youngsters that know the best way to correctly deal with the canines.

Pomeranians are ideally suited watchdogs due to their wariness of strangers and intuition to alert their house owners in the event that they sense a risk. Whereas clever, Pomeranians have a daring and impartial nature. These canines do finest with an skilled proprietor that may be affected person and constant throughout coaching.

Pomeranians are NOT Appropriate for:

Pomeranians aren’t appropriate for first-time canine house owners. They are often daring, impartial, and troublesome to coach. Pomeranians shouldn’t be put in households with boisterous younger youngsters or a lot bigger animals. These canines have small, fragile our bodies that may simply get injured.

Pomeranians are yappy canines that like to howl and bark. These canines aren’t suitable with individuals dwelling in a crowded space, the place neighbors are prone to complain concerning the noise. Pomeranians expertise separation nervousness, which means the canines want an proprietor that doesn’t stay a busy way of life and might be with their pet all through the day.

Pomeranians aren’t appropriate for house owners on a low finances. These canines are an costly breed, and their grooming, meals, and healthcare prices rapidly add up.




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