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Lion’s Breath (Simha Pranayama): Advantages and How one can Do It


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Lion’s breath is usually practised when you’re performing Simhasana or Lion’s Pose. however you too can carry out the respiratory half as a stand-alone apply.

Also referred to as Simha pranayama in Sanskrit, Lion’s breath is a strong respiratory train that may show you how to calm your thoughts, provide you with confidence, and enhance your vocal cords.

In Lion’s breath, by opening your mouth extensive and placing your tongue out, you stretch your jaw, neck, and face muscular tissues. The sound you make throughout exhalation is rather like a lion’s roar, deep from the stomach.

It helps you let go of any frustrations and anger. If you’re getting overheated, do this breath to blow off some steam.

Learn on to study extra about tips on how to do lion’s breath and its advantages.

How one can Do Lion’s Breath

There are numerous alternate options for the sitting place to carry out lion’s breath. Many choose to sit down in a Thunderbolt Pose (Vajrasana) or Hero Pose (Virasana) as it’s mentioned to duplicate the lion’s pose. Nonetheless, if you’re not comfy sitting in your knees, you too can sit in Simple Pose (Sukhasana) or Lotus Pose (Padmasana).

Another choice is for the place to gaze (Drishti) in Lion’s breath. The commonest suggestion is to gaze on the third eye chakra. When you have bother focusing your gaze there, you possibly can give attention to the tip of your nostril or upwards in the direction of the ceiling or sky. 

Allow us to see the steps of performing lion’s breath.

  • Sit in a cushty seated pose of your selection.
  • Hold your arms on the knees or thighs, with fingers unfold aside, and lean ahead barely. You even have the choice of protecting your arms on the ground for higher grip and posture.
  • Inhale deeply by means of the nostril.
  • Exhale forcefully along with your mouth extensive. Get your tongue out and stretch the tongue in the direction of the chin.
  • Your exhale ought to make a “ha” sound. The sound comes deep out of your throat and the stomach.
  • Shut your mouth and breath usually out of your nostrils. Then exhale in the identical method.
  • Repeat this course of 5-7 occasions. If you would like, you possibly can swap the place of your legs and proceed with the apply.
  • When you have got completed training, shut your mouth and breath deeply for 3 minutes.

You’ll be able to apply the lion’s respiratory method earlier than beginning your yoga session or on the finish. It’s a easy respiratory train that can show you how to strengthen your throat and neck muscular tissues from inside out, enhance your respiratory system and take away toxins out of your thoughts and physique.


Lion’s breath shouldn’t be practised by individuals who endure from respiratory points. Compelled exhalation can create a danger of trauma to the airways. 

Individuals with harm, ache, surgical procedure or medical circumstances like arthritis to the knee can keep away from seated kneeling posture. They will additionally use a chair or a cushion on your knees for further assist.

Advantages of Lion’s Breath

It might appear that mere making a sound or placing your tongue out is ridiculous, however the lion’s breath comes with a variety of advantages on your face, throat, and thoughts. It even stimulates your energetic aircraft and removes blockages from it.

Listed here are among the advantages of practising lion’s breath.

  • Whenever you open your mouth in lion’s breath, it stretches the muscular tissues of the face and neck. This stretching, which isn’t finished typically, relieves stress and stress within the muscular tissues.
  • It additionally encourages circulation to the face and neck by actively partaking the nerves and muscular tissues. 
  • Lion’s breath is a perfect warm-up for singers because it massages and stimulates the vocal cords. Individuals with speech impediments comparable to stutter also can profit from it.
  • This respiratory method is helpful in partaking your lungs and diaphragm, thus enhancing their energy. 
  • It’s also possible to use this to heat up earlier than beginning your yoga periods because it builds inner warmth.
  • The lion’s breath instantly stimulates the throat chakra. It improves our communication, enhances self-expression, provides us the arrogance to voice our opinions.
  • One of many ignored good thing about lion’s breath is the stimulation of platysma, a skinny, flat, triangular-shaped muscle in entrance of the throat. If unfastened, it may possibly trigger wrinkles across the mouth and neck. Lion’s breath could make this muscle agency.
  • This respiratory train additionally makes you calm by lowering adverse ideas and feelings. It additionally promotes psychological readability.
  • It’s an empowering respiratory method that provides you psychological energy, confidence, increased shallowness, and braveness to face tough conditions.

What science says?

The proof, although not substantial, is sufficient to show that the lion’s breath is certainly one of many methods by means of which you’ll be able to scale back signs of sure ailments and keep a wholesome thoughts and physique.

A 2016 research exhibits multisensory enriched yoga train (comparable to Lion’s breath) have a constructive impression on a 7-year previous boy’s (with Apert and Asperger’s syndrome) behaviors associated to bodily, social, and emotional well-being.

On this research, the boywith Apert and Asperger’s syndrome attended 8, 45 min multisensory yoga periods (together with lion’s breath), twice every week, throughout a 4-week camp. These periods had a constructive impression on expressive feelings, social engagement, skill to self-regulate stress. 

Pranayama, normally, has been confirmed to cut back signs of power obstructive pulmonary illness (COPD), bronchial asthma , amongst different well being issues.


This respiratory train is tremendous energizing and revitalizing. It provides you with the braveness and confidence of a lion, be a wholesome device to vent out your anger and frustration, and open your throat for higher communication. Should you set an intention of letting out your negativity, lion’s breath might be an exquisite gateway to take away the psychological toxins and invite positivity in your life.




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