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Atari Breakout: The Greatest Videogame of All Time?


Breakout was one of the best online game ever invented, many designers say, as a result of it was the primary true online game. Earlier than Breakout, all have been video games like Pong—imitations of actual life. With Breakout, a single paddle was used to direct a ball at a wall of coloured bricks. Contact made a brick vanish and the ball change pace. The sport may by no means exist in any medium apart from video.

Like Pong, the specs for Breakout—its look and recreation guidelines—have been outlined by Nolan Bushnell at Atari Inc., Sunnyvale, Calif. However together with the specs got here an engineering problem in 1975: design the sport with lower than 50 chips, and the designer would obtain $700; design the sport with lower than 40 chips, and the designer would obtain $1000. Most video games at the moment contained over 100 chips. Steven Jobs, now president of Apple Pc, Santa Clara, Calif., was hanging round Atari at the moment. “He was filth poor,” recalled Allan Alcorn, who joined Atari at its formation. Atari’s design provide was “good money”—to Mr. Jobs. Mr. Alcorn remembered that Mr. Jobs rapidly designed the sport with fewer than 50 chips. He had assist. He known as on his good friend, Steven Wozniak, who later designed the Apple pc.

This text was first printed as “Breakout: a video breakthrough in video games.” It appeared within the December 1982 difficulty of IEEE Spectrum as a part of a particular report, “Video video games: The digital huge bang.” A PDF model is out there on IEEE Xplore.

Mr. Jobs needed to make a visit to Oregon, Mr. Wozniak associated, “so we simply had 4 days.” Mr. Wozniak went to his common job at Hewlett-Packard in the course of the day and joined Mr. Jobs at Atari at night time. “We bought it all the way down to 45 chips, and bought the bugs out, however after 4 days we wouldn’t have achieved something to get it down additional,” Mr. Wozniak stated.

They bought their bonus, however, Mr. Alcorn recalled, the sport used such minimized logic it was unattainable to restore.

Larry Kaplan, a designer who was additionally at Atari at the moment, defined; “What Woz or Jobs favored to do was to design issues that have been parallel sequential, so at a given cut-off date this chip was utilized in one a part of the circuit and three microseconds later it was utilized in a distinct a part of the circuit. It’s a dream, but it surely’s unattainable to debug or produce.”

Breakout sat within the Atari lab for eight months. Then the identical design was reworked with 100 ICs earlier than it was put into manufacturing.

Editor’s observe (January 2022): The monetary phrases described have been these defined to me by Steve Wozniak in 1982. Years later, Wozniak found to his dismay that the precise bonus acquired was $5000—and Steve Jobs saved it for himself.




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