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Assist Cease the World’s First Octopus Farm


Clever, Complicated, and Fascinating Animals

Octopuses are sentient beings who really feel pleasure and pleasure, but additionally ache and worry. They’re extraordinarily clever and have been identified to make use of seashells for defense, steal meals from traps set by fishers, escape from aquariums, and even beautify their properties. They convey with each other via advanced color modifications and flashes that people nonetheless don’t perceive. Conserving them on farms will result in unnatural aggression, cannibalism, harm, and demise as they struggle and battle to flee.

Octopus Welfare? Suppose Once more

At present, there’s no laws in Spain that protects octopus welfare, leaving them susceptible to unscrupulous profiteers who might maintain them in any situations and inflict unspeakable ache and struggling utterly unchallenged.

Scientists have concluded that octopuses are sentient beings and that it’s unattainable to farm them in a method that doesn’t compromise their welfare. Confining these fascinating people – or any animal – to a barren tank is merciless.

On the finish of their depressing lives, the octopuses shall be slaughtered – most probably whereas absolutely aware – experiencing horrific terror and ache as their brains are minimize into or their heads are clubbed in.

Environmental Catastrophe

Farming octopuses is as unsustainable as it’s inhumane. It will put but extra strain on the ocean, as wild marine life must be caught to feed them, additional depleting fish populations and disrupting the ecosystem.

Assist Cease These Plans

Take motion by urging the minister for agriculture, livestock, and fisheries of the Canary Islands to cease these plans:

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