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All About Blue Jays: Are They Truly Blue?


Blue jays are one of the crucial acknowledged birds in Canada and also have a baseball group named after them! These birds may be discovered throughout a wide range of habitats—from wooded forests in Southern Canada to Texas and Florida. Jays are frequent feeder guests, flying and singing in backyards through the heat months and snacking on nuts from their cache within the winter. 

Blue Jay in Winter by Paula Brown
Blue Jay in Winter by Paula Brown

Though blue jays are widely known by their brilliant blue color, they’re (surprisingly) not really blue. Their brilliant blue plumage is the results of a novel inside wing construction that distorts the best way gentle is mirrored; making them seem blue. It’s stated that every particular person blue jay possesses a novel black bridle throughout the face, nape and throat used to assist them acknowledge each other. 

Enjoyable truth: blue jays are well-known to mimic the decision of hawks, particularly the red-shouldered hawk. 

Blue jays may be loud and aggressive—to the correct group of birds, that’s. On the feeder, they is perhaps dominated by the Frequent Grackle and the Purple-headed Woodpecker however they’re thought-about to be bullies to smaller associates like Chickadees and Nuthatches. Though their cries are sometimes indicators of warnings to different birds about potential predators, folks have witnessed blue jays utilizing these sounds to scare off different songbirds at feeding stations so they may use it for themselves! 

Blue jay eating seeds from feeder

Blue jays typically take pleasure in fruits, nuts, grains, and bugs. They’re recognized to steal and eat the eggs and nestlings of different birds however we don’t know the way widespread this really is. In an intensive examine of blue jay feeding habits, just one% of jays had proof of eggs or birds of their stomachs.

Do you know? Blue jays’ love for acorns is credited to be chargeable for the unfold of oak bushes after the final ice age! 

In contrast to doves and different birds, feminine and male blue jays are very related in look. Though males are typically a little bit bit bigger than females, the one method to actually inform them aside is thru cautious statement of courtship and nesting behaviour. A single feminine, for instance, will decide courting behaviour by main a gaggle of three to 10 males. It’s a sport of follow-the-leader: if the feminine begins to fly, the remaining will comply with. After touchdown, the males will bob their heads and ruffle their feathers in an try to court docket her.  

Blue jays are mysterious little creatures, a lot of the reasoning behind their migration patterns stay a thriller. Whereas some jays select emigrate, others keep all through the winter season. Some migrate south one yr, keep north the subsequent, after which migrate south once more the next. Researchers have but to determine precisely why this occurs. And though there’s no logical rationalization, we’d wish to assume they’re simply taking a little bit trip down South every now and then. 

Is Your Metropolis a Hen-Pleasant Metropolis? 

It’s our job to face up, keep up to date and conscious of what we will do for creatures huge and small together with the blue jay. Throughout Canada, persons are coming collectively to make their cities fowl pleasant.

Nature teams, municipal officers, and different group teams are teaming up with Nature Canada to make sure city environments are protected havens for birds relatively than a supply of threats. Go to our Hen-Pleasant Metropolis marketing campaign to study extra about this initiative!  




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