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Abhyanga – Full Physique Therapeutic massage with Oil: Advantages, Ideas & Approach


Therapeutic massage is an integral a part of the self-care and ayurvedic remedy of illnesses. There are lots of sorts of therapeutic massage Ayurveda recommends one ought to take for good well being or wellness.

Abhyanga is a well-liked ayurvedic therapeutic massage that makes many of the pre-treatment of conventional panchakarma remedy. It’s typically carried out earlier than a bathe, steam tub, or precise ayurvedic remedy.

In Abhyanga therapeutic massage, medicated oil is utilized to your entire physique with brief strokes and each limb from the toes to the scalp is vigorously massaged. The time period Abhyanga actually means rubbing oil on the limbs of the physique.

Ayurveda says Abhyanga self-massage may be achieved day by day because it nourishes pores and skin tissues and is nice to alleviate tiredness and physique aches.

Learn on to know extra about Abhyanga therapeutic massage, its potential advantages and the way you are able to do self-massage at house.

What’s Abhyanga?  

Abhyanga may be merely translated to “full physique therapeutic massage with natural oils”. The time period “full-body” signifies that from the toes to the pinnacle, every a part of your physique receives a rejuvenating, revitalizing, and enjoyable therapeutic massage.

In ayurvedic remedy, abhyanga therapeutic massage is carried out previous to precise remedy to assist in cleansing and cleaning. It additionally soothes Vata, Pitta and Kapha Dosha imbalances. Nonetheless, if not achieved in panchakarma remedy, it may also be achieved as a stand-alone therapeutic massage to cut back muscle stiffness and ache, enhance blood circulation, and as a mode of de-stressing.

Inabhyanga therapeutic massage, Ayurveda practitioner makes use of a heat oil that has been infused with herbs or different oils. This combination is created after documenting the main points of an individual’s Prakruti and vikriti (ayurvedic measures of well being). This is a vital step because the doshas play an necessary function in conserving a steadiness of your Prakruti. The herbs and oils used for the therapeutic massage will straight have an effect on the functioning of doshas.

Which oil ought to be used for abhyanaga?

Oil in Sanskrit is also referred to as Sneha, which is used for love. Thus it’s believed that having an abhyanga is like surrounding your self with love. Abhyanga is a part of snehana (Oleation Remedy) in technique of panchakarma remedy.

This highlights the significance of choosing the proper oil forabhyanga therapeutic massage to get the sensation of heat and stability.

Primarily based in your dosha,

  • If you’re vata particular person, you’ll have dry pores and skin. Heavy oils similar to sesame oil, almond, avocado can be utilized.
  • If you’re a pitta particular person, you’ll are inclined to have delicate pores and skin. Sunflower oil, coconut oil, or ghee shall be helpful for you.
  • If you’re a kapha particular person, your pores and skin shall be oily sufficient. Mild oils similar to flaxseed oil, safflower oil, candy almond oil can be utilized.

Nonetheless, if you wish to go for a impartial oil, Jojoba oil can be utilized for all doshas.

Are you able to do abhyanga therapeutic massage at house?

You might assume that since it’s an ayurvedic therapeutic massage and includes some technicalities, you’ll have to shell out cash to go to an ayurvedic middle to get the abhyanga. However what if you are able to do this therapeutic massage at house as effectively?

It shouldn’t come as a shock that abhyanga is usually prescribed as a self-care routine. You’ll be able to therapeutic massage your self day by day earlier than going for a shower or steam tub. It provides the identical enjoyable advantages as you’d get when getting the therapeutic massage in an ayurvedic middle. 

The most effective half is that you do not want one other particular person and you may take your time with the appliance. And you’ll carry out abhyanga day-after-day. When you don’t have the time for day by day utility, 2-3 instances every week may also be efficient.

All you would want is an previous towel to keep away from oil stains, a squeeze bottle or a small pot to include the oil, a vessel to warmth the water for warming up the oil, and the natural oil. 

At first, you could discover some problem in giving the best strain and strokes to your physique elements or reaching some elements of your again. However the common utility will make you accustomed to the method.

The oil that you just use ought to cater to yourPrakruti. We have now already listed some really useful oils that you should utilize based mostly in your dosha, nevertheless, getting your self checked by a licensed ayurvedic practitioner gives you correct data. 

You too can use different natural oils to combine with the bottom oil. You should use Brahmi/gotu kola oil to calm the thoughts, ashwagandha oil for sturdy muscular tissues, mahanarayan oil for joints, bhringraj oil for hair, neem oil for pores and skin.

Tricks to keep in mind forabhyanga self therapeutic massage

Earlier than performing the abhyanga at house, ensure that to bear in mind these necessary factors:

  • All the time use heat up your oil earlier than the therapeutic massage. You’ll be able to maintain oil bottle in pot of sizzling water for it to stay in fixed temperature or use an electrical oil hotter. 
  • The temperature of oil largely is dependent upon the dosha you will have. As such if you’re a pitta particular person, use the oil at room temperature or at a cool temperature. If you’re a vata particular person, barely heat oil shall be good. You’ll be able to ask ayurvedic practictioner concerning the temperature in case of any confusion.
  • Wherever you’re performing the abhyanga, don’t forget to put an previous towel to catch the oil drop. Since you employ a wholesome quantity of oil within the therapeutic massage, it’s crucial that few drop will fall throughout the course of.
  • Don’t hurry with the therapeutic massage. Spend no less than 15-20 minutes on massaging your entire physique, from head to toe. Give ample time to every physique half.
  • Watch out whereas getting up after the therapeutic massage is full because the oil on the soles could make your toes slippery.
  • Keep away from going for a shower instantly after the therapeutic massage. Give 5-10 minutes after the therapeutic massage for the oil to seep into your physique, deep into the pores, muscular tissues and joints.
  • Use an ayurvedic cleaning soap and shampoo to wash the oil out of your physique and hair.

The best way to Do Abhyanga self therapeutic massage

Earlier than you start, wrap a towel or a skinny fabric round your self to keep away from feeling chilly. The most effective place to carry out abhyanga self-massage is the toilet as you’d be much less frightened about spoiling the ground with oil drops and creating a multitude.

Do a patch take a look at on the interior wrist to examine the temperature of the oil. Keep away from utilizing oil in areas the place you will have scratches, wounds, cuts, irritation, or abrasions.

Sometimes, the therapeutic massage ought to begin from the scalp and progressively go all the way down to the toes.

Beneath are the steps to carry out abhyanga self-massage.

  • Sit on a stool or a chair with the previous towel unfold underneath our toes.
  • Begin by making use of the oil to your scalp. Use a delicate round movement to evenly unfold the oil. This course of can also be referred to as shiro (head) abhyanaga. 
  • Coming to the face, therapeutic massage the brow, temples, cheeks, and jaws from centre to sideways. Begin from the jaw and transfer in direction of the brow and temples.
  • Calmly pinch and stretch your earlobes and apply the oil all around the ear as it’s house to many important vitality level or marma factors and nerve endings.
  • Therapeutic massage your again by utilizing your left hand for the best facet and vice versa.  
  • On your legs and arms, use lengthy strokes. The primary stroke ought to be away from the guts (anulom) and them coming again in direction of it (pratilom). 
  • Joints similar to elbows and knees ahould be massaged utilizing a round movement. 
  • For the abdomen, buttocks, and chest/breast, apply the oil in a clockwise round movement. You’ll be able to observe the trail of the massive gut to your stomach space. Begin from the best, transfer throughout and go down on the left. The round movement will assist stimulate the digestive system.
  • As you attain your toes (Pada Abhyanga), spend sufficient time on them. Your toes additionally include important marma factors they usually maintain most of your weight. 
  • If you need, you can even apply the oil in your genitals, with the anal area finally. That is solely achieved when doing a self-massage. This step is not going to be achieved if you go to an ayurvedic middle.
  • Ayurveda recommends abhyanga ought to be carried out for no less than quarter-hour. After ending the therapeutic massage, enable the oil to deeply seep into the pores and skin for 5-10 minutes.
  • Take a heat tub with an ayurvedic cleaning soap and shampoo, with none vigorous rubbing.
  • Use a towel to take away extra water by dabbing it in your physique.

Notice – If you’re vata particular person, apply a slower tempo with mild strain for grounding. For a pitta particular person, sluggish strokes with average strain are suggested. Kapha folks can use fast strokes for enhanced stimulation.

Advantages of Abhyanga

A profitable abhyanga will allow you to really feel relaxed, calm, and rejuvenated. If carried out earlier than bedtime, you’ll expertise an exquisite sleep. Total, it improves circulation, opens and stimulates the assorted marma factors, nadis, and helps scale back stiffness and ache.

A listing of extra advantages have been given beneath:

  • Abhyanga helps in decreasing stress because the herbs infused within the oils calm the thoughts and activate the parasympathetic nervous system.
  • Abhyanga therapeutic massage lowers blood strain by increasing the blood vessels and enhancing circulation.
  • If you’re having hassle getting restful sleep, abhyanga can vastly enable you to deal with sleep issues.
  • Abhyanga therapeutic massage improves flexibility and aids in firming. Round motions or lengthy strokes stimulate muscular tissues and joints.
  • As your muscular tissues and joints are stimulated continually, your vitality and stamina are additionally elevated with abhyanga therapeutic massage.
  • Varied important vitality factors and nerves ending are additionally stimulated. This promotes calming the nervous system.
  • By growing blood circulation, abhyanga improves pores and skin well being and reduces the growing older course of.  
  • The elevated circulation additionally aids in cleansing and cleaning by massaging the lymphatic nodes.
  • Abhyanga let your respiratory system, digestive system, and elimination system work correctly attributable to massaging of those areas. 
  • The abhyanga is very helpful for Vata folks because it reduces the imbalances and illnesses attributable to vitiation.
  • The thorough stimulation on the face and ears improves the functioning of the sense organs. If achieved day by day, your eyesight may enhance . 
  • Shiro Abhyanga (head therapeutic massage) reduces untimely greying of hair, hair fall, and enhancing hair power.
  • Massaging the oil on the pinnacle (Shiro Abhyanga) induces a state of calmness and psychological readability. It has proved abhyanga therapeutic massage considerably scale back subjective stress expertise in people .


Regardless that there may be very restricted analysis achieved on the advantages and dealing of abhyanga, this historical apply has time once more confirmed itself. Massaging your entire physique in a single sitting or in elements will instill a way of self-love.

It promotes higher pores and skin and hair well being, improves the digestive system, cleansing, elevated circulation, and enhanced sleep high quality, which is what all people desires!

Continuously Requested Questions

Q1. How typically do you have to do abhyanga?

Abhyanga may be carried out day by day. In case of time constraints or a busy schedule, performing abhyanga 2-3 instances every week can also be helpful. 

Your dosha additionally vastly determines the variety of instances you must carry out abhyanga.

Vata Dosha – 4-5 instances every week.
Pitta Dosha – 3-4 instances every week.
Kapha Dosha – 1-2 instances every week.

Q2. What’s the greatest time to do abhyanga self-massage?

Ayurveda recommends Abhyanga ought to be achieved early morning earlier than taking a shower. Nonetheless, based mostly in your dosha sort, an Ayurvedic physician could prescribe doing it within the night time.

Q3. What are the contraindications of abhyanga?

It’s best to keep away from abhyanga therapeutic massage until you will have considerably recovered from chilly, flu, fever, congestion, indigestion, diarrhea, menstruation and menstrual ache, indigestion, or issues attributable to extra vata dosha.

Even when you’ve got a pores and skin an infection, accidents, damaged bones, have undergone surgical procedure, or feeling immense ache in any physique half, abhyanga shouldn’t be carried out.

This autumn. Can we do abhyanga throughout being pregnant?

There are particular massages accessible for pregnant women, new child infants, and post-pregnancy as effectively. However for such situations, you must depend on an professional ayurvedic masseuse and practitioner to recommend the perfect therapeutic massage course of.

Nonetheless, there could also be situations pregnant women could also be instructed to not get massages until the second trimester. It’s because there’s a increased threat of miscarriage within the first trimester or the elevated circulation could trigger any hurt.

Q5. Are you able to train after abhyanga?

Sure, you possibly can train or do yoga after abhyanga therapeutic massage however ensure that to do it earlier than taking a shower. Yoga may be achieved instantly after the therapeutic massage when it is advisable to give time for the oil to soak up into the physique. However just remember to are usually not performing any strenuous or bodily draining poses. This will trigger stress and tiredness, which defeats the aim of the abhyanga therapeutic massage.

Q6. Can I do Abhyanga after consuming?

No, you must preserve a niche of 2-3 hours after a meal or carry out abhyanga earlier than a meal. Performing abhyanga therapeutic massage instantly after consuming shouldn’t be really useful because the vitality and blood are being provided in direction of the digestive system. It could disrupt your entire course of.




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