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9 Issues to Know Earlier than Adopting a Bunny


Aren’t bunnies simply the cutest? Though they make nice companion animals and are actually enjoyable to play with, some issues should first be taken into consideration earlier than deciding to undertake a bunny.

1. Rabbits require light dealing with

Rabbits are fairly delicate and frighten simply. If a rabbit isn’t dealt with accurately, the rabbit could kick, chunk or scratch out of worry. When being picked up, rabbits want full assist on their entrance and hindquarters, in any other case they will critically injure their backbone. By no means choose up a rabbit by their ears as that is very painful and merciless.

2. Not all rabbits get alongside

Earlier than getting a second rabbit, it’s vital that the 2 rabbits meet on impartial floor to verify they get alongside. Rabbits housed in the identical train pen or massive cage must be spayed/neutered to cut back aggressive behaviour and mating.

3. Rabbits like to chew

Rabbits don’t know the distinction between good and unhealthy issues to chew. That’s why any space in the home that your rabbit can entry must be rabbit proof. This implies, no entry to issues that may hurt them, like electrical cords, books or furnishings.  Give your rabbit one thing good to chew on, like cardboard packing containers, chewing toys or rabbit-safe chew sticks.

4. Rabbits want common train

Rabbits want area to run, bounce and train, ideally in a playpen or rabbit-proofed room. For concepts on preserving your rabbit lively, try our ideas for enrichment inside and out of doors their cage. It’s advisable that rabbits be given a number of hours for train per day.

5. Rabbits require a well-balanced eating regimen

Along with rabbit pellets, an vital a part of a rabbit’s eating regimen is grass hay, akin to timothy or brome, to maintain their intestinal tract wholesome. Rabbits want limitless entry to hay always. Rabbits additionally want leafy greens, akin to darkish leaf lettuces, collard greens, turnip greens and carrot tops.

6. Rabbits want their habitat cleaned repeatedly

Rabbits want their cages cleaned a few times per week to maintain their habitat sanitary and odour free. Bear in mind to not use cedar or pine shavings to line their cage, because the fumes could make them sick, and keep away from clay cat litters. Select wooden shavings comprised of aspen.

7. Rabbits are indoor companions

Rabbits are too susceptible to predators and too social to be remoted exterior. Since rabbits must be saved indoors, understand that they frighten simply and shouldn’t be positioned someplace too noisy.

8. Rabbits want routine veterinary care

Like every other animal, rabbits want common well being exams from a veterinarian, ideally one that makes a speciality of small mammals. Be sure to’re aware of frequent well being situations affecting rabbits, in addition to the warning indicators that require emergency veterinary consideration (e.g., diarrhea or anorexia).

9. Rabbits require brushing

Rabbits want routine brushing to maintain their coat clear and free from mats. Use a gentle bristle brush to brush their whole coat. Avoid brushing round their face and stomach. Sometimes, bunnies could pluck their very own hair. Be certain to take away this plucked hair promptly to stop the rabbit from consuming it.

If you’re eager about adopting a bunny, try your native Ontario SPCA Neighborhood to see what pets they’ve accessible.

Rabbits present nice firm and make nice companion animals. With entry to a nutritious diet, a clear cage, contemporary water, loads of train, and psychological stimulation, your rabbit could be a loving companion!




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