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10 Yoga Poses for Digestion to Ease Tummy Troubles


Do you know there are particular yoga poses for digestion? Having good digestion is such a key facet to feeling our greatest. However irrespective of how wholesome we eat, all of us cope with abdomen hassle on occasion. Fortunately, there are yoga poses for digestion that may assist.

Whether or not it’s abdomen ache, bloating, constipation, or cramps, having digestive ache shouldn’t be a enjoyable expertise and may go away us unable to get pleasure from our each day lives.

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As a world traveler, experiencing meals poisoning and abdomen ache shouldn’t be uncommon, even once you keep away from avenue meals! I all the time head proper to my mat and do some yoga, hoping it’ll assist.

And guess what? It does work! The next yoga poses assist with digestion – typically instantly. Isn’t it wonderful how all we actually want to assist our physique really feel higher is our personal physique?


Apply These 10 Yoga Poses for Digestion to Ease Your Tummy Troubles:

Under are a number of the greatest yoga poses for digestion that will help you really feel higher quick.

1. Camel Pose (Ustrasana)

Camel pose digestion
This posture has many advantages! It stretches out the whole entrance physique and stimulates the organs of the stomach. Creating size by means of this space of your physique is nice for cramps and bloating.

Let’s attempt it:

  • Begin in your knees, utilizing a blanket or pillow beneath them should you really feel any ache
  • From there, slowly lean again, strolling your palms throughout your calves till you attain your heels
  • Maintain the pose for so long as you’ll be able to, optimally one to 2 minutes
  • For those who can’t attain your ft, then do the backbend along with your palms resting in your hips


2. Comfortable Child (Ananda Balasana)

happy baby digestion
Comfortable Child is likely one of the greatest yoga poses for digestion as a result of it offers a mild stretch by means of the inside groin and again, which helps to scale back stress and nervousness whereas stimulating your digestive system and reducing your coronary heart charge.

Let’s attempt it:

  • Begin by mendacity down and bringing your knees into your chest
  • Deliver your arms on the within of every leg, grabbing your massive toes along with your thumbs, center, and forefingers, or maintain onto the pinky sides of your ft along with your palms
  • Then use your palms to drag your legs to both facet
  • Deal with bringing your knees towards your shoulders whereas preserving your low again grounded on the mat
  • Maintain for so long as it feels snug

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3. Reclined Twist (Supta Matsyendrasana)

Reclined Twist
This reclined twist helps to strengthen your belly muscle tissues whereas stimulating your organs and serving to meals and waste transfer alongside, making it an amazing go-to yoga pose for digestion.

Let’s attempt it:

  • Begin by mendacity down and produce one knee into your chest
  • Deliver your knee throughout the entrance of your physique to the ground on the other facet of your mat in order that your low again and stomach are twisted to the facet
  • You may place the hand that’s on the identical facet because the knee on prime of the knee to carry it down
  • Lengthen your different arm out to the facet, preserving your shoulders grounded
  • Flip your head to face in the identical route as your prolonged arm
  • Maintain for so long as you want, taking deep breaths into your stomach
  • When completed, slowly deliver each legs again straight on the bottom
  • Then hug each knees to your chest earlier than repeating on the opposite facet


4. Revolved Triangle Pose (Parivrtta Trikonasana)

revolved triangle
Revolved Triangle Pose is a good yoga pose for digestion to assist stimulate your urge for food and relieve constipation.

Let’s attempt it:

  • Begin from Downward Dealing with Canine and the 1st step leg ahead between your ft right into a Low Lunge
  • Then attain your arms up and straighten each your legs
  • Attempt to hold each ft in a straight line going through one route
  • For those who want extra steadiness, you’ll be able to flip your again foot out barely
  • Fold out of your hips, attain your reverse arm to your entrance and seize onto your ankle or relaxation your hand on the ground by your foot
  • Take your different arm up along with your fingertips pointing towards the sky
  • Maintain for a full minute should you can, after which repeat on the opposite facet


5. Bow Pose (Dhanurasana)

Just like Camel Pose, this yoga pose for digestion stimulates the organs of your stomach. The strain positioned in your stomach will stimulate the organs of digestion.

Let’s attempt it:

  • Come right down to your mat, resting your stomach on the bottom
  • Let your arms lay on both facet of your physique
  • On an inhale, bend your knees whereas additionally lifting your higher physique off the mat
  • Attain your arms behind you to seize your ankles in your palms as you proceed to drag your legs and higher physique up towards one another
  • Have interaction the muscle tissues of your again
  • Maintain for so long as snug


6. Seated Twist (Ardha Matsyendrasana)

Seated Twist
This pose stimulates the liver and kidneys and in addition cleanses out your inner organs, bettering digestion in addition to elimination. The movement of twisting helps remove toxins from the intestines.

Let’s attempt it:

  • Sitting down on the bottom, deliver your legs in entrance of you
  • Bend your knees and place your ft on the ground
  • Slide your proper leg beneath the opposite in order that your knee is urgent towards the skin of your left foot
  • Twist towards your left, bringing your proper elbow to brace towards your proper knee, serving to to softly push you into the twist
  • Attempt to hold your backbone straight and lengthy to enhance the stretch
  • Maintain for so long as is snug after which swap sides



7. Garland Pose (Malasana)



Malasana is likely one of the extra well-known yoga poses for digestion. On this pose, your belly organs are toned and strengthened whereas metabolism is boosted, which helps to interrupt down meals and convert it into vitality.

Let’s attempt it:

  • Stand tall in your mat and slowly start to stroll your ft aside so they’re a bit of wider than hip-distance aside
  • Squat down towards the mat till your glutes virtually attain your legs
  • Transfer your arms to the within of your thighs and produce your palms collectively along with your elbows bent
  • Press your arms into your legs
  • To go even deeper into this pose, press additional outward along with your arms towards your legs
  • Maintain respiration regular, lengthy breaths to sign to your physique that it’s okay to launch into this pose

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8. Pet Pose (Uttana Shishosana)

puppy pose
This yoga pose for digestion is particularly helpful for stretching your stomach to alleviate cramps after a big meal. It’s additionally nice for relieving discomfort once you’re feeling bloated or over-full.

Let’s attempt it:

  • Start on all fours, along with your hips stacked above your knees and your shoulders immediately above your wrists
  • Stroll your palms ahead as you slowly drop your chest nearer to the bottom
  • Maintain your legs and decrease physique in the identical place
  • You’ve the selection of resting your brow on the mat or preserving your gaze ahead – do whichever feels greatest in your physique
  • The longer you maintain this pose, the additional you’ll have the ability to deliver your chest towards the bottom
  • Maintain for so long as it feels snug


9. Bridge Pose (Setu Bandhasana)

Bridge Pose yoga
This pose is superb for bettering digestion because it stimulates your stomach whereas bringing your organs into higher “alignment.” It additionally assist enhance metabolism.

Let’s attempt it:

  • Lay down in your again along with your legs bent so your ft are planted on the bottom
  • Relaxation your arms on both facet of your physique after which carry your hips and pelvis off the mat
  • On the identical time, start urgent your arms into the bottom to help you
  • Have interaction your core, your again, and your glutes to maintain you steady as you proceed to carry along with your stomach
  • Maintain for so long as it feels snug


10. Knees-to-Chest (Apanasana)

knees chest

knees chest

This yoga pose for digestion removes fuel in addition to different abdomen illnesses. It helps to enhance your digestion and strengthen the muscle tissues in your stomach.

Let’s attempt it:

  • Begin by mendacity down and hugging each knees into your chest
  • Maintain your head resting on the bottom along with your low again nonetheless touching the mat
  • In case your low again begins to carry off the ground, launch your legs a bit in an effort to hold your again on the ground
  • Maintain for so long as it feels snug


Use These Yoga Poses for Digestion to Really feel Your Finest

Don’t let abdomen troubles hold you from feeling your greatest!

With these yoga poses for digestion, you’ll have the instruments anytime, wherever to assist your self really feel higher.

By incorporating these postures into your each day follow, you’ll be able to enhance your general well-being and digestive consolation!

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