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10 Kundalini Yoga Kriyas for Awakening The Kundalini Shakti


Any motion that’s finished through the follow of Kundalini Yoga may be known as kriya.

Kundalini kriyas contain respiratory strategies, chants, and bodily motion that may assist in awakening the kundalini shakti from its dormant state.

In Kundalini Yoga, which was launched to the West by Yogi Bhajan within the 70s, the kriyas have particular directions and are practised to attain a particular final result.

When practised diligently, kundalini kriyas unblock and activate the chakras which, subtly or straight, change the physique and thoughts of the practitioner. In addition they goal organs such because the liver, backbone, abdomen, intestines, eyes, and so on.

These kriyas are practised in the identical means as Yogi Bhajan had taught by the Kundalini academics. Firstly of the Kundalini Yoga class, a gap mantra is chanted, adopted by a warm-up, performing a kriya and shutting with a meditation.

You could usually see kundalini yoga practitioners carrying white garments with a white turban. However it’s not necessary to put on white. It’s steered as a result of white is believed to beat back or block unfavorable vitality and strengthen your aura. 

White can be an emblem of peace, therefore it could assist in selling a peaceable thoughts when practising the kriyas.

By practising kundalini yoga kriyas, one can awaken the dormant kundalini vitality that lies on the base of the backbone in root chakra. In its woke up state, the vitality travels by way of the backbone to the crown of the top, activating the seven chakras.

This helps in enhancing self-awareness and inspiring the free circulation of prana vitality as effectively.

Within the following part, we now have talked about 10 frequent kriyas which might be usually carried out by practitioners. You will need to focus in your breath, gaze and sounds you make through the kriya as they assist in unblocking energies and growing focus.

1. Breath of Hearth

breath of fire yoga

The breath of fireplace types a vital and necessary a part of the kundalini yoga kriya.

This kriya is a respiratory method that generates inside warmth which helps in cleansing and energizing your thoughts and physique. For the breath of fireplace, it is advisable inhale passively and exhale forcefully with none pauses. The tempo and size of the respiratory ought to be equal.

Breath of fireplace kriya works on stimulating the Photo voltaic Plexus chakra which is the seat of willpower, dedication, and inside power. 

Observe the steps under to carry out Breath of fireplace kriya;

  • Sit in a cross-legged yoga pose, prefeabbly; lotus pose or straightforward pose or thunderbolt pose. Sit tall together with your again upright.
  • Place your palms on the knees, both in Gyan Mudra or just palms opens dealing with upwards. 
  • Have interaction your stomach and inhale by way of your nostril. It’s best to really feel your stomach and diaphragm increasing.
  • With none pause, exhale forcefully. Your stomach and diaphragm ought to snap again into the backbone. 
  • Ensure the size of inhaling and exhaling are equal. Set up a rhythm and repeat the method for at the least 30 seconds.
  • Regularly enhance the time restrict to 5-10 minutes.

After getting completed practising BOF, come again to steady respiratory.

This respiratory kriya is usually carried out at first of the kundalini yoga class to heat up internally.

2. Sat Kriya

The Sat Kriya is likely one of the elementary kriyas of kundalini yoga. As per Yogi Bhajan, practising Sat Kriya for 3 minutes daily provides you with the advantage of a complete yoga class. 

The kriya has been named Sat Kriya as on this kriya you chant Sat Nam in sync with the breath motion. Sat (pronounced as sut as in “reduce”) stands for reality/trustworthy/proper and Nam (pronounced as naam as in “calm”) means identify. Chanting Sat Nam means you might be invoking the divine and coming to phrases with the reality inside your self.

Sat kriya works straight on awakening the kundalini shakti. It gently massages the inner organs and regulates blood stress thereby strengthening the guts. It fosters the awakening of sexual vitality and likewise promotes deep leisure.

The three decrease chakras, Root, Photo voltaic Plexus, and Sacral Chakras are stimulated concurrently which help in calming the thoughts and bettering focus.

Observe the steps under to carry out Sat kriya.

  • Sit in a Vajrasana or Rock Pose. Your again ought to be straight, knees collectively and the highest of your ft ought to be on the bottom.
  • Stretch each your fingers overhead and be part of your palms. Your higher arms ought to be touching your ears and your elbows shouldn’t bend.
  • Interlock all of your finger besides the index fingers of each fingers. Ideally, females ought to cross the left thumb over the appropriate and males ought to cross the appropriate thumb over the left. This hand place is known as kali mudra.
  • Begin chanting Sat Nam in a relentless rhythmic method 8 occasions in 10 seconds.
  • On inhalation, pull your navel in and up in direction of the backbone, chant Sat. Whereas exhaling, chant Nam and loosen up the stomach.
  • You don’t want to have interaction any locks or bandhas as root and the diaphragm locks are mechanically engaged whenever you breath. All through the method of chanting, your backbone stays straight.
  • Focus your gaze on the center of the brows together with your eyes closed. 

If you’re a newbie, do sat kriya for at the least 3 minutes. Regularly enhance the time to 31 minutes.

On the finish of three minutes, inhale deeply and squeeze the muscle groups from the buttocks previous the shoulder blades. Maintain your breath for a number of seconds whereas specializing in the Crown Chakra after which exhale utterly.

As quickly as you finish the Sat Kriya, it’s best to comply with it up with an extended deep leisure. The everyday time for leisure is twice the size of time the kriya was practiced. This leisure time is a should as it’s going to give time on your physique to assimilate with itself.

Be aware: Sat kriya of kundalini yoga shouldn’t be misunderstood with Shat kriyas of Hatha Yoga. In kundalini yoga, sat kriya is a chant synch with respiratory motion whereas in hatha yoga shat kriya (shat means 6) is known as to the gathering of 6 yogic kriyas used for inner physique cleaning.

3. Ego Eradicator

Because the identify reveals, Ego Eradicator kundalini kriya is practised to carry that openness within the coronary heart which removes the sense of I-ness and calms the thoughts.

Ego Eradicator kriya is carried out by opening the arms up & sideways. Then with this arms place Breath of Hearth is carried out. It is a very fashionable kriya amongst kundalini yoga practitioners.

Practising the ego eradicator will open your coronary heart and stability the 2 hemispheres of the mind. It’ll cleanse and strengthen the lungs and enhance spinal power as effectively.

Furthermore, this kriya can even stability your chakras, guaranteeing a smoother circulation of prana vitality. It will promote psychological readability, consciousness, alertness, and quietness.

Observe the steps under to do that kriya.

  • Sit in an Simple Pose (Sukhasana).
  • Stretch your arms overhead at an angle of 60-degrees. Curl your fingers in order that the fingertips contact the bottom of the fingers. Hold the thumb prolonged and pointed in direction of the sky.
  • Shut your eyes and deal with the Third Eye Chakra.
  • Start Breath of Hearth and proceed for 1-3 minutes.
  • On the finish of the kriya, be part of the thumbs on the recommendations on an inhale and apply the basis lock on exhale. Take one other inhale and loosen up your physique on exhale.

4. Spinal Stretch

This kriya is just like the Cat-Cow pose in Hatha Yoga. The one distinction is that you can be practising the spinal stretch in a seated place. By way of the spinal flex kriya, you’ll be able to cut back the tightness and stiffness within the backbone. 

Doing spinal stretch will be certain that, bodily, there may be an uninterrupted circulation of the spinal fluid from the mind to the backbone. Spiritually, all of the chakras might be stimulated and promote a free circulation of prana. 

  • Sit in an Simple Pose (Sukhasana) with eyes closed.
  • Maintain each your shins or knees.
  • Inhale and flex your backbone ahead and open your chest. Exhale and flex the backbone backward.
  • At any time, the shoulders shouldn’t contact your ears and be relaxed. Additionally, pay attention to preserving your head straight.

Repeat the train for 3 minutes.

5. Spinal Twist

The spinal twist train successfully loosens your backbone, particularly decrease and mid-spine. It releases any stiffness or stress within the backbone and again muscle groups, strengthens the lungs and cleanses your aura.

  • Sit in an Simple Pose (Sukhasana).
  • Place your fingers in your shoulder, fingers within the entrance and thumb on the again. Your higher arms ought to be parallel to the bottom and elbows ought to be in keeping with the shoulders.
  • Twist to the appropriate as you inhale after which on the left as you exhale. Whereas twisting, your head and backbone will stay straight. Chant Sat on inhale and Nam on exhale.
  • Don’t be stiff. Permit your again and head to simply twist with the circulation.

Repeat the train for 1-3 minutes.

6. Stretch Pose

The stretch pose is a difficult and superior train that usually causes issues to the practitioners. However in case you are conscious of your breath and deal with drawing your power from the navel heart, it is possible for you to to simply conquer this pose.

This pose works on the whole physique. It resets the nervous system, strengthens the stomach organs, purifies and rejuvenates the blood. The stretch pose additionally focuses on the third eye chakra which calms your thoughts and enhances your vanity.

Ladies can particularly profit from this pose because it strengthens the reproductive organs.

If you’re a newbie, don’t power your physique to carry the pose for 3 minutes. For those who can not maintain the pose for greater than 10 seconds, it’s effective to let go of the place and loosen up for a number of seconds. Begin once more after stress-free. You possibly can progressively enhance the time whereas alternating between holding the pose and stress-free for a number of seconds.

  • Lie down in your again.
  • Lengthen the again of your neck and carry your head and higher chest collectively. Draw your chin in to maintain the top straight and lengthened. 
  • Raise your decrease leg, preserving the decrease again on the bottom, roughly 6 inches from the bottom. Repair your gaze within the ideas of your toes.
  • Hold your hand stretched out in entrance of you with palms down however not touching your physique. You can too place them beside you, with palms dealing with inwards and never touching the bottom or your physique.
  • For those who really feel any discomfort in your decrease again, place your fingers beneath your buttocks for help or frivolously relaxation the heel on the bottom. 
  • Follow Breath of Hearth on this pose.

7. Entrance Life Nerve Stretch

The life nerve stretch of Kundalini Yoga is identical as seated ahead bend (Paschimottanasana) in Hatha Yoga. this train will strengthen your legs, pelvis, and legs together with stimulation of the sciatic nerves. The ahead fold encourages lengthening and strengthening of the backbone.

  • Sit together with your legs stretched out in entrance of you.
  • Seize your huge toes together with your finger. Wrap the index and center finger across the toe and press the toenail with the pads of your thumb.
  • With an elongated backbone, have interaction your navel and bend ahead whereas exhaling. On the following inhale, push up with the power of your legs and the navel. In each instances, the top follows final.
  • Proceed this train for 1-3 minutes whereas respiratory deeply.

8. Cobra Pose

The follow of this pose is just like Hatha yoga however the intention to carry out is barely totally different. In Kundalini Yoga, the cobra pose is practised to stability the apana. It additionally will increase the prana vitality circulation in order that the vitality circulates in direction of the upper centres.

By specializing in the Apana, it additionally stimulates and balances sexual vitality.

  • Lie down in your abdomen and place your forearms beside your ribs. Hold your legs joined collectively.
  • Convey your fingers under your shoulders and unfold your fingers to create a agency help and unfold the load evenly.
  • Inhale and carry your head, chest and backbone upwards whereas preserving your pelvis and legs on the mat. Hold your shoulder away out of your ears and shoulders blades pressed in direction of the again. 
  • Keep on this pose for 1-3 minutes whereas working towards Breath of Hearth.
  • On the following inhale, stretch your backbone to the utmost. Maintain your breath within the subsequent exhale and apply the basis lock. Inhale and exhale whereas slowly coming all the way down to lie down on the mat utterly.

9. Archer Pose

Bodily talking, the archer pose will strengthen your quads, legs, knees, shoulders, and arms. Internally, it’s going to stimulate the third eye chakra and promote emotions of fearlessness, willpower, and dedication.  

  • Begin by standing within the Tadasana (Mountain Pose).
  • Step your left foot to the again by approx. 3 ft. Place your left heel on the ground and switch the toes to a 45-degree angle. Your left leg ought to be straight.
  • Bend the appropriate knee in order that your thighs are parallel to the ground and your knee is in keeping with the ankle. Ensure your proper foot heel is in keeping with the arch of the left foot.
  • Curl the fingers of each fingers into your palm besides the thumb. Put your arms in entrance of your with this hand formation.
  • Pull your left hand again in order that the fist is close to the left shoulder as when you have been pulling the arrow from the bow. Your proper arm ought to be parallel to the bottom and each the shoulders ought to be in line.
  • Focus your gaze on the tip of your right-hand thumb.

Follow this pose for 3 minutes on every leg.

10. Deep Leisure

Similar to how we finish a hatha yoga session with Savasana (Corpse Pose), the deep leisure strategy of Kundalini Yoga is analogous. The intention of practising it is usually related, to let the physique really feel and benefit from the adjustments caused by way of the kriyas. You possibly can bask within the rejuvenating energies of your aura and let your physique loosen up.

You simply have to lie down in your again together with your arms by your aspect, palms up. Shut your eyes and loosen up for so long as 11-Quarter-hour.


The above are only some kriyas among the many a number of kundalini yoga kriyas taught by Yogi Bhajan. By stimulating and activating the chakra and prana vitality flows, you might be permitting the Kundalini vitality to align and transfer upwards. 

Combining breath, gaze, and sound, you might be additionally activating the third eye and crown chakra to connect with the divine consciousness, which is the last word purpose of any yoga kind.




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