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10 Issues About Penguins That You Might Not Know


  1. The Galápagos penguin is the one penguin species discovered north of the equator and within the Galápagos. They’re additionally the rarest species of penguins with fewer than simply 2,000 left on Earth at this time. The Galápagos penguin is at the moment listed as an endangered species that means that they’re dealing with a excessive threat of extinction within the wild. This penguin species is threatened by air pollution, bycatch, and local weather change. Launched species, akin to canines, carry illnesses that may unfold to penguins as nicely, and cats pose a menace as predators. Previous sturdy El Niño occasions have prompted mortalities of as much as 77 %, with dramatic declines of prey species and lowered breeding success. The rising threat of local weather change has already proved deadly for this species, particularly as inhabitants numbers are dwindling. You’ll be able to see Galápagos penguins of their pure habitat on the Traditional Galapagos: The Pure Habitat Expertise
  2. Regardless of penguins being within the chicken household, they’re distinctive in that they’re unable to fly. They’ve flippers as a substitute of wings that enable them to waddle, swim, and slide, slightly than be airborne. Within the water, they’re professional swimmers and divers, and a few species can attain speeds of as much as 15 miles per hour. Although they don’t fly, you might even see them launching themselves within the air at a powerful velocity, showing as if they’re flying. This sometimes occurs when they’re escaping predators or chopping down their commute time up an icy hill. The penguin’s distinctive coloring—black physique with white stomach—helps camouflage the chicken within the water because it searches for meals of small shrimp, fish, crabs, and squid. This kind of camouflage is called countershading, which helps penguins keep hidden from their predators. When seen from under, penguins’ white stomach’s higher blends in with light-filled floor waters and from above, their black again helps them camouflage with the darkish of the deep ocean.
Adelie penguin (Pygoscelis adeliae) jumping up, Antarctic Peninsula, January 2018.

An Adélie penguin leaping up within the Antarctic Peninsula. © WWF-Aus / Chris Johnson

  1. Business fishing within the Southern Ocean area can drive many penguin species to compete for the fish they eat. With folks in search of the identical meals sources as penguins, there may be an elevated threat of penguins not being sufficiently nourished. The observe of business fishing might also result in unintended seize of penguins and trigger them to drown within the fishing nets, additional dangers the already scarce penguin populations. This observe is also referred to as “bycatch” that means that business fishermen catch marine animal species unintentionally.
  2. Within the pure world, the idea of monogamy in sexual companions stays largely with birds slightly than mammals. Among the many most monogamous birds are penguins, cranes, pigeons, parrots, swans, geese, doves, and albatrosses. With penguins, the male breeds solely with one feminine throughout a mating season. Nevertheless, it’s common to seek out that some feminine penguins could have one to a few companions in a single season and a few males could have one or two companions throughout that very same interval. Most penguin species have an annual breeding season from spring by summer time and may vary wherever from 50 days to 14-16 months relying on the species.
  3. The chinstrap penguin acquired their title due to the slender black band beneath their heads connecting to a big black space on prime of their heads. This offers off the looks as if they’re sporting a chinstrap and helmet that you just would possibly see gamers sporting in your typical soccer or hockey sport.
Chinstrap Penguin (Pygoscelis antarcticus) on the Antarctic peninsula in Antarctica

A chinstrap penguin on the Antarctic peninsula. © Mathieu Simon

  1. Local weather change isn’t just a priority for the Galápagos penguin species, however it’s having detrimental penalties for species dwelling in Antarctica as nicely, particularly the emperor penguin and the Adélie penguin. These species rely upon sea ice for entry to meals and for locations to breed. However the sea ice has been disappearing, and penguin populations together with it. A 2008 WWF examine estimated that fifty % of the emperor penguins and 75 % of the Adélie penguins will possible decline or disappear if international common temperatures rise above pre-industrial ranges by nearly 3.6°F—a situation that may very well be reached in lower than 40 years. Sea cowl has lowered by over 60 % in some elements of Antarctica over the previous 30 years which has threatened one of many Adélie penguin’s foremost meals sources, krill. With a decline of krill in some areas and hotter temperatures inflicting differing penguin hatching occasions, a scarcity of meals sources will be devastating for Adélie penguin populations.
  2. The everyday lifespan for a penguin is 15-20 years, various based mostly on the species. A big exception to that is through the first 12 months of a penguin’s life. There’s a a lot greater threat of loss of life inside the first couple of months as a result of potential shortage of meals and elevated threats. About 50 % of king penguin chicks won’t survive because of winter hunger and the emperor penguin chicks could expertise a 90 % mortality inside the first 12 months of life.
  3. The southern rockhopper penguin weighs lower than 10 kilos! They are often discovered on islands akin to Heard Island, the McDonald Islands, and Macquarie Island, all situated between Madagascar, Australia, and Antarctica. They have been named for his or her distinctive hopping actions over the rocky hills and cliffs the place they dwell and breed. Within the final 30 years, it’s estimated that the inhabitants of rockhoppers has fallen by almost 25 %—and now local weather change may place them at even larger threat. The southern rockhopper species is taken into account to be “weak” that means that they’re dealing with a excessive threat of extinction within the wild nonetheless, they’ve but to achieve “endangered” standing.
  4. Rising to 4 toes tall and generally known as the large of the penguins, emperor penguins dwell on the floating ice packs and islands of Antarctica. Their scientific title, aptenodytes forsteri, means “featherless diver” and was coined by a naturalist and colleague of Captain Cook dinner within the 18th century who was one of many first to explain penguins. This penguin species can be identified to dive deeper and keep underwater for much longer than different penguin species. Emperor penguins are inherent nurturers and when breeding season comes round, male emperor penguins defend and preserve the eggs heat for almost 5 months, as excessive chilly temperatures put eggs and hatchlings prone to survival.
Aptenodytes forsteri Emperor penguin Group against background of blue ice Dawson-Lambton Glacier, Antarctica

A bunch of emperor penguins in Antarctica. © Fritz Pölking / WWF

  1. Penguins possible couldn’t exist if carnivores akin to polar bears, arctic foxes, or arctic wolves have been current. Penguins primarily eat krill, squids, and fish; nonetheless, this varies throughout the completely different species and the place they’re situated. The smaller penguin species of the Antarctic and the subantarctic primarily feed on krill and squids. Species discovered farther north and, on the islands, are inclined to eat fish. Nevertheless, there may be lowered competitors amongst species as a result of the bigger species of penguins are inclined to eat bigger krill and squids whereas smaller penguin species can dwell off an abbreviated weight-reduction plan of small krill and squids. For instance, in Antarctica, Adélie penguins feed totally on small krill, whereas chinstraps forage for giant krill. Would you be capable of establish what penguin species it’s by their weight-reduction plan? Get an opportunity to check your data and see penguins firsthand on the Journey to Antarctica: The White Continent Pure Habitat Adventures journey.

You’ll be able to assist penguin populations by symbolically adopting a penguin by World Wildlife Fund. This adoption will assist to save lots of a number of the world’s most endangered animals from extinction and can help you assist WWF’s conservation efforts throughout the globe. You’ve the chance to pick out any penguin species of your selecting together with the African Black-Footed Penguin, the Chinstrap Penguin, the Macaroni Penguin Chick, and lots of extra.

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